Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 171

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Chapter 171

“He doesn’t know where he stole the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of the Shengshi Club and scammed it at the Shengshi Club! Shengshi Group has not discovered it yet. Once discovered, the Bai Group will instantly go down because of this thief and liar! “


When Lin Guangyao said this, everyone got shocked.

Shengshi Group!

That is one of the giants in the province.

The Shengshi Club is just a small asset under the Shengshi Group.

Someone dared to steal the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group. This… is simply madness.

To know!

That kind of card, I am afraid that only a few big names in the province may be eligible to have it.

And Shaun… wanted to die.


In an instant, many guests around were talking and pointing to Shaun.

That appearance is full of contempt, disgust, ridicule and sarcasm.

As if they had predicted that after the Shengshi Group discovered it, Shaun will no live more.

Not only everyone!

Even Baishan’s complexion changed and become pale with fear.

How… how is it possible!

How can my son-in-law have the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group? This is unimaginable.

“Shaun, do you really have the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group?”

Bai Shan looked at Shaun with horror.

And around!

One after another, they all are staring at Shaun.

Seeing this scene, Shaun’s expression did not change at all, but he nodded faintly.


Seeing Shaun admit that he really has the Shengshi Group Super VIP membership card, everyone around him got shocked.


This guy even admitted that he has that super card.

It’s over…

At this moment, everyone’s eyes on Baishan and Shaun changed.

In their eyes, Shaun was stabbing the sky, and it was only a matter of time before the Bai Group will finished.

Even the high-class figures who greeted Baishan with enthusiasm before dodge one by one, as if there was a plague on Baishan and Shaun.


Suddenly, Li Zhenghui couldn’t help but feel fortunate and wiped his cold sweat secretly.

Originally, he did have plans to cooperate with the Bai Group, but now it seems that if they really cooperate, then they will be affected by the Tianlong Group.

Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui looked at Lin Guangyao’s eyes and became more grateful:

“Guangyao, thank you for reminding me this time, otherwise, it would be a big mistake!”


Li Zhenghui turned his head to look at Baishan, his eyes suddenly became colder:

“Mr. Baishan, you have also heard that your son-in-law has done such a disaster, our Tianlong Group will not cooperate with you!”

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