Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

Janice’s gaze stayed on the clothes of Grace and Jacob for a while, and exclaimed, “You wear couple outfits, sister-in-law, are you the older brother’s dancing partner today?”

Grace was about to explain, but Jacob suddenly stretched out a large pliers-like hand, held her wrist and turned her aside, and sternly whispered, “Bai, both parents of both sides are trying their best to match Janice and Bai Suyuan’s marriage. Grace, you’d better not tell Janice about being Bai Suyuan’s dancing partner.”

Grace suddenly felt embarrassed. If Bai Suyuan and Janice were a couple, she seemed inappropriate to be Bai Suyuan’s dance partner.

Jacob saw Grace’s embarrassed expression, and the corners of his se3y and charming lips made a gentle arc.

Janice was still waiting for Grace’s answer. Grace suddenly took the courage to take Jacob’s arm and returned to Janice with a smile, “Yes.”

Janice immediately smiled with frowning eyes, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, you all look good. Then I wish you all a good time.”

After Janice left, Grace quickly let go of Jacob’s hand, who knew Jacob held her hand and said shamelessly, “You lost my dancing partner. What do you say? “

Grace Zhang Er couldn’t figure it out and stared at him. “I lost your dancing partner?”

Jacob nodded, “I originally commissioned Janice to introduce her sisters to me as a dancing partner. Since you say that you are my dancing partner in front of Janice, Janice will leave me alone.”

Grace was one head and two big, crying, “I didn’t mean to pretend to be your dancing partner.”

Jacob rogue said, “Be with me.”

Grace said in surprise, “I will pay you?” His gaze swept across the group of women with heavy makeup, “Okay, I will pay you.”

After speaking, walked towards the group of girls.

Jacob’s face was a little dark, this woman obviously understood his meaning wrong.

Really stupid.

Grace walked to the group of girls and asked with a smile, “Who would like to be Zhan Shao’s…dance partner?”

Before she finished speaking, Jacob’s long legs stepped forward in threes and twos, pulling her wrist to take her away from the group of women.

“Grace, who wants you to find me a dance partner?” Jacob was very angry.

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han, who was so angry, and muttered aggrievedly, “Didn’t you make me pay you?”

Jacob’s vision was almost as fierce as a knife, and Grace seemed to realize it suddenly, “I understand, you don’t like women with heavy makeup, you like beautiful women with light makeup, and I will find them for you again.”

“I want you to accompany me.” Jacob gritted his teeth. Every word is correct and round.

Grace’s pupils widened and exclaimed, “I’ll be with you? You are not afraid that others will laugh at you and find such a dishonest partner?”

“Who dares?”

Grace: “…”

Jacob stretched out his hand, Eagle Falcon’s gaze with an unrejectable majesty.

Grace handed her little hand up with a ghostly envoy. At that moment, her mind was in a mess. Jacob asked her to be his dancing partner. It was obviously an expedient measure, but how did she think it was his careful layout?

When Bai Suyuan returned to the venue, he saw Grace holding the arms of Jacob, and the little bird perched on the towering tree of Jacob.

They really seem to be a pair of bishops of the newlyweds.

Jacob is as beautiful as a divine residence, Grace has dust like a fairy, Jacob is calm and quiet, and Grace is quiet as a virgin. How do they look so seductive?

“Bai Suyuan.” Janice suddenly emerged and shook her hand in front of him.

Bai Suyuan retracted his gaze and fell on Janice.

Janice wore a beautiful pink dress, which matched his outfit.

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