Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 175

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Chapter 175

The sh!t tens of thousands of proportions reduce the real object to the painting!

sh!t deep sea blue ink!

sh!t’s wonderful signature!

Lin Guangyao didn’t believe everything that Shaun said.

In his eyes, Shaun is just exaggerating, just like a clown, making people laugh.

Not only Lin Guangyao, the people next to him also laughed loudly, looking at Shaun as if they were looking at a fool.

“Oh my god, he is such a stupid person, is this guy out of his senses?”

“Yeah, in our entire Jiang City, who is better than Curator Zhu Qing in the study of Master Blood! He said this guy is talking nonsense, then he must be talking nonsense!”

“What an idiot, even he is questioning Curator Zhu Qing!”


In an instant, the surrounding discussion and ridicule hummed endlessly, like a sound, flooding Shaun and Baishan.

Baishan’s face was pale.

In fact, even he thinks his son-in-law is talking nonsense, after all, he has never seen Shaun study painting, let alone any accomplishments in this regard.

This is more than that.

Lin Guangyao beside him stared at a picture scroll in Shaun’s hand.

He seemed to know the intention of this scroll, and he couldn’t help but ask Shaun:

“Shaun, did you hear that? Curator Zhu Qing said you are a liar!”

“Also, what is the painting in your hand? Is it a gift you want to give to my uncle?”


At this moment, Li Zhenghui, Zhu Qing and others also turned around and looked at the picture scroll in Shaun’s hand.

When many eyes fell on him.

The Baishan next to him could only bite the bullet and said to Li Zhenghui:

“President Li, in fact we have also brought a calligraphy and painting for you as a present!”


Li Zhenghui’s mouth showed a trace of disdain, and asked indifferently:

“I don’t know Mr. Baishan, what kind of painting you had brought for me? Is it the work of Master Blood? Hahaha…”

Li Zhenghui’s tone was full of ridicule.

When the others heard this, they burst into laughter instantly.

They all started to make fun of Baishan.

However, at this moment!

Everyone was stunned to see, that Shaun nodded solemnly:

“Yes! It’s the work of Blood!”

The work of Blood!

When Shaun’s serious words echoed!


The mocking mouths of Li Zhenghui and everyone around him froze instantly.

One by one, they could hardly believe their ears.


Also a masterpiece of Blood?

What a joke, are there many treasures of Master?

Two of them came out in just one hour today. How could this be possible.

Everyone looked at Shaun like a lunatic.

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