Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 174

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Chapter 174

After saying this, Shaun pointed his finger at the spire of the Eiffel Tower:

“First, the spire! The spire of the Eiffel Tower in Blood is scaled down to a painting in a scale of 10,000! The exact number should be 13.78! And the number of this painting should be 12.31! Expanded in a scale of 10,000, The slightest difference is a thousand miles away!”

“Secondly, the color pens used in the Blood painting are made of deep sea blue ink, which do not fade or soak in water, and will not wither for a hundred years! And this painting, the color underneath, has fallen off, so it is not deep sea blue ink at all! “

“Third, it’s the signature! The L in all the Blood’s engraved paintings is tilted up 30 degrees, and in this painting it is a straight line!”


Suddenly, watching Shaun talk freely.

That kind of calmness and self-confidence gave everyone an illusion, as if a master of the Blood research school was explaining the difference between the real and the imitation.

Trance, but incredible!

Not only everyone!

After hearing Shaun’s explanation, the look on Curator Zhu Qing’s face changed from anger to doubt.

Zhu Qing was stunned.

It is not that he has never heard of this statement.

But in his opinion, these are just myths about Master Blood from the outside world.

After all, it is simply too difficult to reduce the real object to the painting by the ratio of ten thousand, that people are not precision instruments.

As for the deep sea blue ink, which has not faded and changed for a hundred years, he has never seen it.

As for the signature…

Zhu Qing never paid attention to this detail.

After all, there are very few Blood works that are circulating now. Although he has seen one or two, he only appreciates the beauty and artistic attainments of the paintings, and he has not paid attention to the way that Blood is signed.


At this moment, Zhu Qing seemed to be looking at a liar, looking at Shaun, his eyes filled with anger:

“What you said, whether it is the ratio of ten thousand or the deep sea blue ink, all are the excessive myths of the world about Master Blood, it is not reality at all!”


When Zhu Qing’s spoke, everyone around immediately concluded that Shaun was acting.

He didn’t even know where he heard it, so he deliberately showed off here.

It seemed to everyone that Shaun knew only the fur about Master Blood’s work, so he was cryptic and nothing more.


And at this moment, Lin Guangyao’s wild laughter burst out:

“A wonderful second! Shaun, I have to say, your acting skills, I admire you!”

“You’re just a crap person, if you don’t know, you consider yourself Master Blood! Hahaha…he really laughed at him!”

Lin Guangyao leaned forward and closed with a smile. In his eyes, Shaun seemed to be a joke!

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