Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 173

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Chapter 173

“How dare you say this? This painting of master Blood was personally identified by Curator Zhu Qing. How could it be fake?”

“You are a crap, how do you know what art is? Do you even know who is Master Blood?”

Lin Guangyao was full of sarcasm and resentment.

Not only him!

Everyone around also looked at Shaun, full of disdain and contempt.

After all, they heard it with their own ears, and Curator Zhu Qing had identified it.

With curator Zhu’s research on Master Blood’s paintings, how they can believe such is crap person?

It’s ridiculous.

“Is this Bai family’s useless son-in-law an idiot? Didn’t he hear that Curator Zhu Qing is confident about its originality?”

“Huh! I think, he is one of people who want to show off, to gain the unnecessary attention of others!”

“That’s right! This guy stole the Super VIP Supreme member of the Shengshi Group before, and now he is here again to trick people, what an idiot!”


Everyone around looked at him with sarcasm and disgust.

Even Curator Zhu Qing was not happy to hear this.

“Little guy, you said this is a fake?”


Shaun looked directly at Curator Zhu Qing, without the slightest timidity.

“Okay! You are the first person to question me!” Curator Zhu Qing was amused by Shaun.

He pointed to the’Eiffel Tower’ with a gloomy face, and said angrily:

“Today, you explain to me, how this is imitation?”

“If you are right, then I will worship you as a teacher. If you are wrong, huh, I will make you eat the dust!!!”

Zhu Qing’s voice was full of anger.

Okay I accept your challenge, said Shaun.

He knew that although Zhu Qing was in charge of the Jiangshi Collection Museum, regardless of his connections or influence, he was extremely poweful in Jiangshi.

If Shaun failed to prove, the consequences will not be good for him.

Right now, Bai Shan wants to hold Shaun, so that he wouldn’t say anything more.

However, Shaun didn’t care, he stared at Zhu Qing coldly, shook his head and smiled:

“Sorry, with your eyesight, you can’t distinguish between genuine and imitation products. You are not qualified to worship me as a teacher!”


Shaun’s words stunned everyone.

Not qualified?


Arrogant! Arrogant!

The people around them looked at Shaun at this moment, as if they were looking at a fool. They had never seen such a madman. He even said that due to his eyesight Curator Zhu Qing is not qualifications to worship him as a teacher. Isn’t he crazy?

But this is more than that.

Shaun didn’t care about everyone’s ridicule. He went straight to this painting and said indifferently:

“This painting has the six-point form of Blood, but there are three differences!”

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