Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 176

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Chapter 176

After all, everyone knows that Master Blood’s works are so rare that it is not that much possible to appear here one after another.

Not only them!

Even Baishan got shocked.

He just knew that it was collected by Shaun, but he never heard that it was a treasure of Master Blood.


Lin Guangyao reacted from shock at this moment and burst into laughter.

He clutched his stomach, almost feeling that his stomach would collespe by a laugh:

“Shaun, I just found out that you really have a talent for comedy? Hahaha… You saw that I got a painting by Master Blood, and claimed that my painting is not original. It’s ridiculous, sad, and pathetic!”

Lin Guangyao only felt the joy in his heart to the extreme.

He especially likes to see Shaun make a fool of himself. This made him more happy.

And aside!

Curator Zhu Qing also frowned, and the anger on his face became more obvious:

“Huh! So that’s the case, you brought a copy of the product and deliberately described Mr. Lin Guangyao’s treasure as fake!”

“This is the way you want to show that the painting you brought is original!”


Curator Zhu Qing’s speculation suddenly made everyone around him suddenly realize.

That’s right!

No wonder this kid has always claimed that the painting brought by Lin Guangyao is fake. So, basically it seems that he brought a fake painting himself.


Everyone’s contempt for Shaun became more intense.

However, facing the overwhelming ridicule, Shaun just shrugged slightly:

“Whether it is wrong or right, you can tell at a glance!”


He opened his painting straight away, and then presented it in front of everyone.

In an instant, everyone saw that this painting was a fishing man, with ripples in the river, and a dinosaur sitting alone.

This painting has bright colors and lifelike characters.

At a glance, everyone has a way of entering the world in the painting.


Even Curator Zhu Qing, after seeing this painting for the first time, his pupils shrank slightly, and a thick and incredible color flashed on his face.

“Huh? The imitation is so realistic!”


Curator Zhu Qing stepped forward and looked at the painting carefully.

It’s just that the more he looks at it, the color of astonishment on his face becomes more apparent:

“This color, this line, and the style of painting are so similar to Master Blood. This is definitely the work of a master imitator!”

“Also, this signed L-letter is a thirty-degree increase!”


Curator Zhu Qing couldn’t help but look at Shaun again, but the ridicule and mockery in his expression became more obvious:

“It’s a pity, kid! You can lie to others, but don’t dare to lie to me!”

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