Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 210

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Chapter 210

Tell you to bully Grace before?

In the villa, the three little ones have each climbed to sleep on their own bed.

Jacob hugged Grace straight back to his room, and when he put her on the bed, Grace suddenly opened her wistful eyes.

Jacob pulled the stool and sat in front of her. Seriously warned her, “Grace, remember, you can drink at most six glasses when you drink. And it’s red wine below 30 degrees—”

He thought she was awake, but after looking at him in a daze for a long time, she suddenly reached out and stroked her face.

“Brother Jie!” She whispered softly.

Jacob is petrified like an eagle.

Only his Irene would call him that.

Even Janice dare not call him that.

“Are you Irene?” He suppressed his excitement, waiting for her to answer him.

Everyone said to speak truth after drinking, would she tell him?

She suddenly burst into tears, crying away from him, “Why do you want to provoke me? After provoke me, you don’t want me?”

Jacob froze in place.


Grace moved her whole body as soon as she started, crying the filth on the bottom of her stomach desperately, she couldn’t help but vomit at Jacob.

The rich sour smell wiped out Jacob’s good mood.

He got up and left helplessly, cleaned the room, and then went to the bathroom.

When he came back from the bath, Grace fell asleep again.

He doesn’t know what bad things were thinking in his dream, and his brows kept frowning.

Jacob stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, and said softly, “I won’t bully you anymore, but you have to be obedient.”

“Scenes like tonight-challenged my bottom line.”

“Don’t drink anymore. You can’t drink.”

What responded to him was Grace’s babble!

I don’t know how long it took, Jacob dozed off and lay on the bed in a snow-colored bathrobe.

Grace didn’t sleep well and was always moving. In desperation, he hugged her into his arms, which made her stop the chaos.

The next day.

Outside the window is a sunny day, three poles in the sun.

The interior is still dark because the light is blocked by heavy blackout curtains.

Grace woke up, facing a wicked face, she was frightened suddenly.

“Ah!” She got up to her feet, but because of the unstable center of gravity, she leaned back and fell to the floor embarrassedly.


She overflowed with pain.

Jacob opened his eyes and saw his quilt wrapped around Grace’s body. She was sitting on the ground like a meat dumpling, looking at him in horror.

“Master Zhan, sorry, I drank too much last night, I don’t know how to show up with you.” She apologized.

Jacob sat up lazily, the collar of the bathrobe revealing a sexy and charming apple. She has a bewitching charm.

“Give me the quilt.”

Jacob’s voice was very low, but he filtered out his violence.

Grace thought he hadn’t woken up yet, and quickly returned the quilt to him. And then-as if to flee in a swift manner.

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