Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 211

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Chapter 211


As soon as Grace ran to the door, she heard Jacob’s lazy voice sounded magically, “When I sleep, I want to run?”

Grace turned back and shrank herself into a quail. When she exited, her voice was a little trembling, “Master Zhan, I am not justified!”

Jacob opened the bedding, his long legs looming under the bathrobe, walked to Grace’s side, and pushed the open door panel with one hand.

The door is automatically locked.

Grace felt that she was a turtle in a urn and a bird in a cage. Thinking of being retaliated by him after she slept for the first time, it would be worse than death. This time she is afraid it is hard to escape.

“Master Zhan, I’m sorry—I drank the fragments last night.” Grace was about to cry.

“Grace.” Jacob raised her chin, forcing her to stare into his stern and solemn eyes.

“In the future, no alcohol is allowed.” He gritted his teeth.

“Why?” Grace actually wanted to ask him, what does it matter to him whether she drinks or not?

Jacob Falcon’s eyes sharply scratched her face, “Because you lose your virtue after drinking.”

Grace was stunned, where did she lose her virtue?

She did not violate him last night!

After Jacob finished speaking, fearing that she would not have a long memory, he sternly warned, “Dare to drink again, I will let you never see your son in your next life.”

This trick is quite ruthless, although Grace hated him, but it made Grace’s memory completely improved.

“Got it.”

Jacob was relieved.

Turning around and walking towards the cloakroom, he unscrupulously took off the bathrobe in front of Grace. The sexy and charming figure was exposed and penetrated into Grace’s eyes.

Grace was so frightened that she quickly covered her eyes and opened the door to escape.

Jacob heard the sound of door opening and closing from behind, and his thin and charming lips evoked an evil smile.

Fleeing back to her room in a hurry, Grace only found out when she changed her clothes that she was wearing a man’s compassionate shirt.

Perhaps it was because of Jacob’s taller height. Although his compassionate shirt was empty on her, it was just above the knee, which was similar to a short nightdress.

Grace swallowed. She slept in Jacob’s bed last night and wore his compassionate shirt.

Grace sank weakly on the ground.

What did she do last night?

When Grace changed clothes, there was a knock on the door.

Grace opened the door tremblingly, and saw that Jacob was holding one end of [email protected] in his hand and threw her [email protected] on her face. “Grace, is this yours?”

Grace was ashamed.

Jacob couldn’t help but look at her pretty blushing like a tomato.

“Are you trying to hook me up?” he teased.

Grace shook her head, “Zhan Ye, I really drank a piece last night, and I don’t remember anything. I didn’t mean to…”

There is a reason for her guilty conscience, because she knows how inextricably she is to the charm of Jacob.

When she is conscious, she can still control her words and deeds, but when she is drunk, maybe she will be fully exposed.

Jacob stared at her, “Since you can’t drink, why did you drink so much last night?”

Grace stared at him blankly. Because she loves him, he wants to help her block alcohol and protect her body.

Jacob clearly saw the mist rising from the bottom of her eyes, and then when her very clever eyes rolled, the mist completely dissipated.

She is a master of emotion control.

Jacob was dumbfounded.

Don’t want to torture her so cruelly, turned and left.

Grace breathed a sigh of relief.

Downstairs, three adorable treasures are sitting in a row on the sofa, and food shows are on the TV.

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