Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 212

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Chapter 212

Jacob was very surprised, “Why not watch the children’s show?”

Derek said softly, “Daddy, can’t you tell, we are looking for Mei to quench our thirst.”

Jacob was dazed.

“Since I’m hungry, why don’t you ask Daddy to get up and cook for you?” he asked.

Jason said coolly, “Daddy and Mommy are committed to the prosperity of the family and are working hard to create people. We should support Mommy and Daddy.”

Faith turned her head to look at Jacob, “Are we going to have younger brothers and younger sisters?”

Jacob: “…”

“Who said we were creating people?” Jacob asked amusedly.

Jason and Faith pointed at Derek together.

Derek innocently explained, “Mummy said, after she slept with you, she will reward you as children with the son and empress. Last night, Daddy and Mommy slept together again. they will give the kids to us again.”

After a pause, Derek looked expectantly, “I still want three younger brothers. This way, I can form a basketball team.”

Faith said, “I really want a bunch of younger brothers and sisters.”

Jason said, “I want older brothers and sisters.”

Jacob was speechless.

“Do you think your mommy is a pig?” said as he walked into the kitchen, “a woman has at most one child. Twins are rare.”

The three children looked at each other, “What about us?”

Unfortunately, Jacob did not hear.

Grace temporarily answered the phone, and the receptionist at Chongzhen immediately informed her, “Miss Luo, the company’s network is paralyzed and there is a risk of data leakage. The president hopes that you will come to the company immediately. The company’s crisis will be lifted.”

Grace changed her clothes, carried her computer bag, and hurried downstairs.

Jacob and the children were preparing to have a meal when they saw Grace walking out in a hurry. Jacob frowned and asked, “Where are you going?”

Grace said, “Something went wrong with the company. I need to rush over immediately. I won’t eat breakfast anymore.”

Jacob changed his face in an instant, “What a big deal, accompany the children after eating.”

Grace said, “It’s really too late.”

Jacob threw a sharp look like a knife. Grace had to walk over.

After sitting down, he grabbed the egg pancake and swallowed the dates.

Jacob sternly reminded her, “Don’t give your children the wrong dining demonstration.”

Grace scratched her head anxiously, but under the deterrence of the war master, she had to slow down.

After finally using up her breakfast, Grace left the dishes and fled.

Jacob gazedly looked at Faith opposite, “Does your mommy often throw you at strangers?”

Faith shook her head dumbly.

Jacob was slightly startled, his anger instantly dissipated in half.

Is it because you trust him, so you can throw your child to him unscrupulously?

Perhaps because of boredom, Jacob suddenly became childish, teasing Faith with evil amusement, “Does your daddy give you alimony?”

Faith stared at him depressed and shook her head.

“Then how often does he visit you?”

Faith didn’t speak, her long eyelashes trembled.

“He won’t come to see me. He doesn’t like me, nor does he like Mommy.”

Jacob was startled slightly, “Then why did your mommy marry him?”

“Blind,” Faith muttered.

Jacob nodded, “Well. It’s true.”

Jason shook his head and sighed.

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