Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 213

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Chapter 213

Yi Nian Chongzhen Network Co., Ltd.

President Irene is summoning his entrepreneurial partners and key employees of the company for an emergency meeting.

“There have been hackers attacking our network system during this period. I don’t understand. We Chongzhen has just been listed and we are weak. Who would stare at us Chongzhen so boringly?” Irene’s best friend-Fang Zhi Confused.

Irene said unscrupulously, “Chongzhen is not to be feared, but behind Chongzhen is the support of our Yan family’s chaebol. My old man did a lot of evil when he was young, and annexed too many small and medium-sized enterprises. There are too many enemies, and those who want to bring down our Yan family too much.”

“The most urgent task is to restore network order immediately. Chongzhen has an unstable foundation. If it does not operate normally for a long time, it will affect the customer’s experience of us.”

“But we have mobilized all network engineers. They have been working day and night without sleep, and can’t restore Chongzhen’s network. If you wait like this, there may be a lot of complaints from customers tomorrow, and our partners will also shake their cooperation with us. Determination.”

“However, the hacking technique that attacked us is indeed too powerful. Maybe only by asking Media Asia to solve the problem.”


Irene stood up angrily and protested, “I would rather go bankrupt than go begging for food than to fight against the bas***d Jacob.”

Fang Zhicao pulled the excited Irene down to sit, and said with a good word, “Zhengzheng, don’t get excited.”

After Irene died, Irene hated Jacob.

In Irene’s view, Jacob was the indirect murderer who killed his sister.

Moreover, because of the death of his sister, his grandfather’s spirit has gone from bad to worse, and he is now in the hospital. The Yan family has no one to take care of, and business is withered.

The decline of the Yan family today is also related to Jacob.

Irene calmed down and said, “I’m sorry I lost my mind. Don’t worry, there will be a new employee later. Her hacking skills are very professional. Maybe she can help us restore the network system.” Irene pinned his last hope on Grace body.

Everyone sighed, “Who?”

Fang Zhicao felt very unreliable, “Is that the newly hired hacker with an annual salary of 300,000?”

Irene nodded.

Fang Zhicao dropped the pen in his hand on the table and said confidently, “I believe she is a liar. If she is really a top hacker, how could she come to Chongzhen with honor? Low salary?”

Irene argued for reasons, “She desperately needs money, or else she can’t look down on us Chongzhen?”

Fang Zhicao looked at him speechlessly, “When did you become so innocent?”

At this time, the door of the meeting room was pushed open.

Grace looked at everyone apologetically, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Irene looked at Grace, dumbfounded.

Originally thought that the other party was a white bone spirit with an aura, but did not expect that the other party is indeed a soft and cute girl.

Began to worry about Grace’s ability inexplicably.

“Are you the non-working employee of Chongzhen Gu?” Fang Zhicao stood up and walked to Grace.

Grace nodded. “It’s me!”

Fang Zhicao hugged her arms and looked at Grace, but said in a distrustful tone, “you are very beautiful. I hope your talent can conquer me like your appearance.”

When Grace saw Fang Zhicao, she knew that Chongzhen’s problems were not simple.

Fang Zhicao graduated from a prestigious American university. From childhood to adulthood, the education of Irene and Irene by Mr. Yan was inspired by Fang Zhicao’s example.

Grace’s gaze shifted to Irene. After years of absence, the Irene who had put the lang-shaped skeleton faded away. It seems mature and stable.

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