Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

Grace had a lot of doubts in her mind at the moment. Why didn’t her brother Irene guard the Yancheng Yan family’s huge industry, and chose to go to the imperial capital to establish another door?

Unlike other aristocratic families, the Yan family has a strong population. The Yan family consists of her and Irene as two orthodox descendants of the Yan family. Although the lovers whose father was outside also gave birth to children, their grandfather never allowed them to enter the door of Yan’s house.

In the eyes of grandpa, he only had two grandchildren, Zhengzheng and Irene.

“President Yan!” Grace concealed the sadness and joy in her heart and greeted Irene with a smile.

Irene laughed dryly, “Grace, you came just right. The company has been attacked by anonymous hackers. The hackers are tampering with our data. This time it’s time for you to show your skills.”

A hacker blatantly tampering with the target company’s data is very provocative.

However, if such a mad hacker encounters a master who is better than him, it is easy to overturn. Because once the other party deciphers his IP, he can learn his identity.

“Take me to see.” Grace said calmly.

Fang Zhicao looked at Grace, her temperament was blue, her calm temperament in the event of trouble, she looked like a woman with strong psychology.

“I’ll take you.” Fang Zhi said hastily.

Grace nodded.

Fang Zhicao took Grace to the company’s computer room. Grace sat down and got busy.

Fang Zhicao shuffled around, “Grace, where did you go to college?”

“Di Teachers College.” Grace said.

Fang Zhicao burst into sweat. A college named after a place is definitely not a top prestigious university.

“Grace, what awards have you won?” Fang Zhi asked persistently.

“Never won an award.” Grace said truthfully.

Fang Zhicao’s face faded, and her tone began to be bad. “Then, do you have the confidence to apply for the position of Chongzhen’s chief hacker consultant?”

At this moment, I have already determined that she is a fake hacker!

Grace turned the computer display to Fang Zhicao, “Rely on this.”

Fang Zhicao saw Grace’s fast operating speed, and soon entered Chongzhen to reset the key.

“Nice!” Fang Zhicao was so startled that his chin was about to fall to the ground.

“Miss Luo is so talented, how come to Chongzhen with honor and dignity with a meager salary?” Fang Zhicao’s attitude towards Grace became obviously more diligent.

Grace said, “You still call me Grace, right?”

Fang Zhicao was a little embarrassed and said, “I’m really sorry just now, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I really can’t believe you are an amazing hacker!”

“Miss Luo hasn’t told me why you chose Chongzhen?” The more talented Grace was, the more Fang Zhicao questioned her motives for coming to Chongzhen.

I’m afraid that the enemy’s spy broke into Chongzhen’s interior.

“Because you Yan is always the only one willing to pay my salary in advance.” Grace said.

“My family has always been very silly and naive. I didn’t expect him to get lucky this time.”

Grace frowned, and Fang Zhicao’s way of addressing Irene kept her feeling cold.

Because their names are too intimate, for a while, many people came to ask her if the relationship between her brother and Fang Zhicao was abnormal.

And she also suspects that their relationship is not normal and suffers from no evidence.

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