Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 215

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Chapter 215

Grace methodically restored Chongzhen’s paralyzed network and repaired Chongzhen’s original data, but was intercepted when investigating the hacker’s IP.

In the meeting room, Irene and company employees saw the black screen on the big screen return to normal and the network system was able to start normally, and they all showed surprise expressions.

Also heaved a sigh of relief.

Irene exclaimed, “Too awesome.” Then he got up and walked to the computer room.

“Grace, you are our great hero in Chongzhen, what kind of reward do you want? I can satisfy you with a salary increase and promotion.” Irene said with joy as soon as he entered the computer room.

“No.” Grace resolutely refused.

Grace dedicated herself to deciphering the IP of the other hacker, and she must find out who is behind Chongzhen.

Fang Zhicao looked at Grace thoughtfully for a long time.

Grace is one of the few hackers among hackers, but she is willing to take a meager salary to serve Yinian Chongzhen, and she racked her brains and couldn’t figure out what she wanted.

Fang Zhicao pulled Irene aside, and said all his doubts about Grace.

“Zhengzheng, this person can’t stay.”


“You said that such a big Buddha came to Yinian Chongzhen, what did she do?” Fang Zhicao reminded him.

Irene glanced at Grace secretly with a look of dismay, “But we are in Chongzhen when we are employing people. It’s a shame that such a rare talent should let her go like this?”

Fang Zhi hastily said, “What if she is a spy for the enemy company?”

The two people whispered for a long time. After Grace deciphered the other hacker’s IP, she put her cheeks in her hands and looked at the two people for a while.

“Have you finished the discussion?” Grace asked.

Irene and Fang Zhicao showed embarrassment, and they returned to Grace.

Irene said quickly, “Miss Luo, you don’t want a raise or promotion. I really don’t understand. Why do top hackers like you come to Chongzhen?”

Grace laughed, because the two people suspected that her motives for coming to Chongzhen were impure.

Grace solemnly said, “I hope to use my talents to help Chongzhen solve the technical difficulties of entrepreneurship. I hope Mr. Yan can ride the wind and waves to create Chongzhen into a well-known brand company in the industry.”

Irene was so touched that he stretched out his hand, “Miss Luo, we in Chongzhen need your enthusiastic, ideal and talented employees. Welcome to join us in Chongzhen——”

Grace looked at Irene’s hand, smiled slightly, and reached out to hold Irene’s hand.

“Today, I will be the host, Miss Luo, please enjoy the meal with us.” Irene said excitedly.

Grace nodded.

She hopes to use this opportunity to learn from her brother about the current situation of the Yan family.

Irene asked Fang Zhicao to drive. When he and Grace walked out of the company, he especially asked Grace, “What does Miss Luo like to eat?”

“I’m not picky.” Grace said.

Irene gritted his teeth and decided to give Grace the highest courtesy. “Let’s go to the Media Asia Hotel for Chinese food, how about?”

Grace looked at the suit on Irene. Compared with the expensive hand-made version of the previous, the grade of this dress fell behind the eighteenth line.

Presumably my brother is facing economic difficulties.

“Mr. Yan, don’t go to Media Asia, go to affordable Chinese restaurants.” Grace said.

Irene looked at Grace, and he was very moved by her understanding.

Fang Zhicao drove the car out, and after Irene and Grace got on the car, Irene, who originally wanted to control the right to speak, was turned away by Grace.

Grace seemed to have endless questions, “Is Yan always from the capital?”

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