Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 216

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Chapter 216

“No, Yancheng.”

“Why did Mr. Yan stay away from near and start a business in an unfamiliar imperial capital?” Grace asked.

“The crisis of wanting to transfer the family business…” Irene didn’t finish speaking, and Fang Zhicao kept coughing.

Irene turned around, “I want to create a world of my own.”

“Mr. Yan is married?”


“Aren’t the parents at home in a hurry?”

“No hurry, grandpa is anxious. Grandpa is all sick.”

Grace was slightly surprised when she heard that grandpa was sick.

Grandpa’s body has always been tough, so why did he suddenly fall ill?

“It doesn’t matter, old man?” She asked with concern.

Fang Zhicao looked at Grace’s every move through the rearview mirror. Her concern for Mr. Yan seemed to be true and natural.

Irene’s mood suddenly fell, and said sadly, “My father, since my sister left, he has been overly mournful, and then he can’t afford to get sick…”

Grace was heartbroken upon hearing this.

Grace chose an ordinary Chinese restaurant and ordered some home cooking. Irene and Fang Zhicao looked at Grace in a daze.

“Miss Luo, you like these home-cooked dishes?”

Just when the two suspected that Grace’s taste was a bit unpredictable, they heard Grace sternly said, “When the company uses money, can it not waste it.”

Fang Zhicao’s twice-cooked pork on his chopsticks fell into the bowl.

“Miss Luo, you think for Zhengzheng so much, wouldn’t it be interesting to my family’s Zhengzheng?”

Grace gave Fang Zhicao a white look, “You are interested in him, right?”

Irene coughed and tears flowed out.

“Miss Luo, don’t talk nonsense. Zhicao and I have been dating since we were young in a pair of pants, buddy, understand?”

Fang Zhicao laughed uninhibitedly, “Miss Luo’s eyes are really poisonous. It will take a long time for others to discover that the relationship between Zhengzheng and I is very ambiguous. And you can see it at a glance.”

Irene raised his fist and thumped Fang Zhicao’s back, “How many times have I told you not to call me Zhengzheng outside, it will make people misunderstand.”

Fang Zhicao was very aggrieved, “Can you blame me. If you want to blame, your parents have given you such a naive name. How good is the name Irene, you must be called Yan Irene!”

Grace grew up listening to them quarreling when she was a child, and when they quarreled, she would have nothing to do with her meal.

Halfway through the meal, she received a call from Jacob.

“Master of War?” Grace shouted tremblingly.

Fang Zhicao and Irene on the opposite side immediately stopped fighting when they heard “Master of War”. The two angrily looked at Grace together.

“Where?” Jacob’s voice rang lazily.

“Zuzhou Hotel.” Grace regretted it when she said it, “Are you looking for something to do with me?”

“It’s okay.” The other party hung up.

Grace hung up the phone, and saw Irene and Fang Zhicao looking at her with a bewildered look.

“Miss Luo, can you take the liberty to ask, who is this war master sacred?”

Grace’s face was slightly dim, thinking that the Yan family was depressed because of her death, and the relationship between the Yan family and the Zhan family might have been fashioned long ago. Then she said, “It’s my ex-husband.”

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