Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 181

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Chapter 181


It turned out that what he believed to be genuine was a fake!

What’s even more ridiculous is that Shaun pointed out it earlier, but he not believed him and said to everyone that he is lying.

He even got the appraisal from the curator of the Global Collection.

This made him, completely, a joke in everyone’s eyes.

And the other side!

Lin Guangyao was also completely confused.


After doing it for a long time, his own authentic product is fake?



Li Zhenghui next to him was angry and slapped Lin Guangyao’s face:

“You little beast, you still want to deceive me with fake things!”

“Hello! Are you good!”

Li Zhenghui gritted his teeth with anger.

And Lin Guangyao was covering his hot face, trying to explain something, but it was difficult to say.

What else can he say?

He is the curator of the Global Collection, and the identification made by him is beyond doubt.

His painting is undoubtedly fake.

“No! I don’t believe it!”

Lin Guangyao’s eyes turned red with a sigh, and he shouted directly:

“Curator Zhu, Mr. Robert, even if my painting is fake, I can surely say that the painting brought by Shaun is also fake.

“His lone fisherman, apparently hanging in the global collection hall, how could it appear here? Moreover, his painting is new and it is totally fake!”

That’s right!

Lin Guangyao’s words made the eyes of Curator Zhu Qing also bright.

He identified Lin Guangyao’s painting as genuine, but the result was fake.

But he didn’t believe it. He identified Shaun’s painting as fake, and he couldn’t make mistakes!

Thought of this!

Zhu Qing quickly got up, and then showed Shaun’s painting and asked Robert to identify:

“Mr. Robert, I know that this painting of the Diaoyu Weng is in your collection!”

“And now, we have a fake one here, please verify it!”


This sentence first changed Robert’s expression.

You know, they used to bid for solo fishermen, but they spent sky-high prices, how can they tolerate fakes, spread outside and deceive the world!

A trace of anger appeared on Robert’s face, and now he hurriedly looked at this’lone fisherman’ carefully!


Robert got stunned to see this painting!

How could this be?

Robert could hardly believe his eyes at this moment.

“This ink color, line, texture, style…”

You know, he is one of the most loyal fans of Master Blood. He knows every detail of that person’s work.

And now, in his eyes.

The painting in front of him was obviously painted by someone just now, but every detail is definitely a treasure.

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