Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 217

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Chapter 217

Irene and Fang Zhicao then let go of their guards.

Even if he is Jacob, he is Grace’s ex-husband that is Grace’s past tense, at least proves that Grace and Zhan Ye’s feelings are cracked.

However, this idea was quickly overturned.

Because the three of them walked out after the meal, they saw the Rolls Royce of Jacob parked on the side of the hotel road. Jacob opened the door and walked towards them gracefully.

Irene’s fist was immediately clenched. The red blood strands under his eyes seemed to be dyed red by paint. There was a coquettish cold light.

“Jacob.” He gritted his teeth.

Jacob came over, his grim gaze caught Irene’s violent gaze, and he said casually, “Irene, it’s been a long time.”

After greeted Irene, Jacob looked at Grace and said, “I’ll pick you up.”

Grace was flattered, “I can go back by myself.”

Irene suddenly went mad, threw the drink cup in his hand to the ground, and roared at Grace, “Didn’t you say that he is your ex-husband? Then why are you still living together? I understand, Jacob asked you to come to Chongzhen as an undercover agent? No wonder you refused to raise your salary—”

Grace didn’t expect that the relationship between Jacob and Irene would become so bad.

Grace explained, “President Yan, you have misunderstood. I really have nothing to do with him. I live in the Zhan family because my son is there. I am just their nanny.”

Irene’s madness was slightly reduced, “What you said is true?”

Just as Grace was about to answer, Jacob intervened and announced very aggressively, “You are not a nanny.”

Because Jacob and Grace had different calibers, Irene lost basic trust in Grace. “You won’t use Chongzhen to go to work anymore, I’m dismissing you. I, Irene, will never use people related to the Zhan Family in his life.”

Jacob watched the dispute between Irene and Grace in his spare time, and his narrow and charming eyes were stained with a smile.

He looked at Grace quietly, waiting for her reaction.

Why is Grace willing to leave Chongzhen?

Is that an affiliate of the Yan family?

She has already guessed that the Yan family enterprise is in an economic crisis, so Zhengzheng will set up another door.

She has to help her brother start a business no matter what.

“Mr. Yan, I forgot to tell you. I have deciphered the identity of the hacker who invaded Chongzhen. The opponent is very powerful. I hope I can stay and face the risks in the future with you.” Grace said very sincerely.

Irene was angry and said, “Let’s go, without you, I don’t believe that Chongzhen cannot solve the immediate crisis.

“President Yan.” Grace suddenly reached out to pull Irene’s hand.

Looking at Grace’s very natural move, Jacob filled his eyes with a meaningful smile.

It seems that he rushed over today and he did not miss a good show.

“We signed a two-year contract. I still owe you money. You fired me, and you have suffered a lot.” Grace said.

Irene shook off his hand and roared, “You go. You know, this man killed my sister, and I can’t forgive him in my life! Since your relationship with him is unclear, then we It’s best not to come and go, I’m afraid I will hurt you by mistake.”

Grace’s heart was cut like a knife, and the mist in her eyes diffused.

It’s all because of him that her brother is so painful.

She suddenly made up her mind and said decisively, “President Yan, I really have nothing to do with Zhan Ye. If you don’t believe me, I can move out of Zhan’s house and I can live in the company.”

Jacob frowned, he expected the beginning, but did not expect the end.

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