Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 218

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Chapter 218

In order to help Irene start a business, Grace made up her mind to sever the peach blossom with her sword and cut off contact with him.

“Grace, if you want to think clearly, you won’t see your son if you leave the Zhanjia.” Jacob threatened her.

Grace’s desperately forbearing tears dripped from her eyes, and her mood was extremely complicated now.

She was sorry for her brother and grandpa. Grace’s mind at this moment only wanted to make up for the trauma she brought to the Yan family.

She grieved and said, “Is this not what you want?”

Jacob’s originally contented mood to join in the excitement was drawn out of Thunder’s anger because of her words. Angrily said, “You don’t even want your son for a bad job? Are you?”

Grace looked at him, tears streaming down her face “I want a son, will you give it to me? I will argue with you, and the final result is not a complete defeat. It’s better to let go and do something meaningful.”

Her tortured expression swallowed all of Jacob’s cruel criticism.

He understood that she was suffering, and she blamed herself when she saw Yan’s depression so depressed.

She wants to help Yan Shi, if he obstructs her, it will only make her life more painful.

However, Irene showed no sympathy for her kindness, and Fang Zhicao also added fuel and jealousy to the side. “Grace, if you hear no, you have been fired by President Yan. Regarding prepayment of your two-year salary, according to the contract law, I’ll pay you three months’ salary. Please return the rest in time.”

Jacob insisted, “Don’t worry, I will compensate you ten times.”

Fang Zhicao smiled happily, and said, “Zhan Shao, let alone you return it ten times, it is a hundred times, a thousand times. We will laugh at it.”

I slandered in my heart, there is such a cheap and good thing, don’t want it for nothing.

Jacob reached out to Grace, “Follow me.”

Grace stared at him angrily, with a hint of resentment in her scarlet pupils.

At the moment, she resented him.

But hate herself even more.

If it wasn’t because she was obsessed with him, she wouldn’t have traveled all the way to the Imperial Capital to find him, let alone the car accident.

If she is not dead, grandpa will be healthy and the Yan family will not go downhill.

Zhengzheng will not be difficult to start a business.

Jacob looked at Grace, rarely seeing her such a childish side. No matter how hard he bullied her before, she never showed resentment in her eyes.

It seems that today, he annoyed her.

Because of his appearance, Irene, the single-celled animal, wanted to dismiss her, so she felt sad.

“Just want to stay?” Jacob asked Grace sullenly.

People who have never bowed their heads in this life are not so soft when they see her tears. Suddenly, she felt that her wish would be fulfilled even if she gave up her pride and self-esteem.

Grace nodded.

Jacob lowered his posture, and said to Irene in a good manner, “Leave her here, you won’t lose.”

Irene gritted his teeth and furiously fought Jacob, “I’m not rare!”

Jacob closed his eyes, these two brothers and sisters are really hard to serve.

“Tomorrow, I will acquire Chongzhen, and let you be the president, okay?” Jacob is too obvious to please Grace.

However, Irene was furious, “I would rather Chongzhen go bankrupt than to agree to be acquired by you.”

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