Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 188

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Chapter 188

Tianlong Xu is so famous that even his second in command trembles in front of him.

And Tianlong Xu’s such kind and gentle talk with him was something unique for him.

“Mr. Xu, you are too polite. Isn’t it just a birthday? You even alarmed me to call in person. I am really flattered!”

At this moment, Li Zhenghui’s expression turned red with excitement.


Tianlong Xu on the phone said profoundly:

“Zhenghui, I want to congratulate you, it’s not a birthday!”


Li Zhenghui got slightly shocked.

Today is his fiftieth birthday. If Tianlong Xu didn’t congratulate him for his birthday, then for what he is congratulating?

“Mr Xu, I don’t understand what you are saying?” Li Zhenghui asked in confusion.

As for Tianlong Xu on the phone, his voice became more complicated and meaningful:

“Zhenghui, isn’t there a mysterious special guest on your birthday today? That special guest will give help you for promotion and raise your salary!”

Tianlong Xu’s voice was full of envy, that he is not qualified to meet that mysterious guest.

And that special person has attended Li Zhenghui’s birthday banquet, which is definitely the blessing for Li Zhenghui.

Mysterious and special guest?

When Li Zhenghui heard this, he got even more confused.

If he was special, then he must be Shaun or Baishan.

Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui thought Tianlong Xu was joking with him, and said with a smile:

“Mr. Xu, don’t be kidding! There were no any special guests today, but there were two idiots!”

“They both were here to make trouble, so I had driven them away!”


Tianlong Xu on the phone was silent for a while, and then said with a trembling voice:

“what happened?”

Li Zhenghui didn’t notice Tianlong Xu’s voice at all, something was wrong.

Instead, he said arrogantly:

“Mr. Xu, don’t you know that Baishan from the Bai Group and his trash son-in-law, both were here. That trash son-in-law turned out to be brazen and dared to threaten me!”

“It’s not just me, even he threatened our Tianlong Group! He said, you will be expelled from the Tianlong Group today, if not then Tianlong Group will be delisted in three days. Isn’t it ridiculous? Hahaha…”

“This guy is just a trash, but his tone was louder than a gaint!”


When Li Zhenghui finished saying this, the voice on the phone completely disappeared.

Everything became deadly silent.

“Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu!” Li Zhenghui’s heart twitched.

He felt something was wrong.

Not only that!

Li Zhenghui heard a violent gasp from the phone, as if Tianlong Xu on the other side of the phone was suppressing his anger.

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