Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 189

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Chapter 189

What’s going on?

Li Zhenghui panicked completely:

“Mr. Xu, what happened? He said something!” Then suddenly, Li Zhenghui’s face turned pale.

And after a long time!

The panting voice on the other side of the phone slowly calmed down, and then Tianlong Xu’s said with trembling voice:

“Li Zhenghui! You got into trouble, not only yoursellf but also Tianlong Group!”


When this remark came out, Li Zhenghui’s body trembled fiercely.

He has clearly sensed the fear in Tianlong Xu’s voice on the other side of the phone.

It’s like he has jumped into an unforgivable disaster.

“Mr. Xu, no…no? I, I didn’t do anything! I just threw away that two idiots!” Li Zhenghui almost cried in fear.

It’s just that his eyes suddenly opened widely. In his mind, Shaun’s words before leaving unconsciously appeared.

“If you won’t be finished today, then Tianlong Group will be finished in three days!”

No… impossible!

Li Zhenghui’s complexion changed suddenly.

“Do you understand now?”

Tianlong Xu’s icy voice continued to be heard from the microphone:

“That’s right! The trash son-in-law you saying, the idiot who was driven away by you was the mysterious and special guest!”

“He is our biggest boss in the world!”


In a word, it seemed as if all the strength of Li Zhenghui had been drained, causing him to fall to the ground.

Lin Guangyao and the others got stunned to see a trace of urine flowing out of Li Zhenghui’s crotch.

Scared… scared to pee?

Lin Guangyao and others were all frightful.

They had seen it with their own eyes. When he first answered the phone, Li Zhenghui was very high-spirited and happy. After sometime he became pale and panicked!

And now!

He was so scared that he fell to the ground… Urine?

what happened?

Lin Guangyao and the others didn’t know what happened, what happened that scared the second-in-command of the Tianlong Group to pee in his pants.

This is unbelievable.

Li Zhenghui can’t see anything around him as his eyes got blurred.

With fearful expression, he said:

“Xu…Mr. Xu, are you kidding? How it is possible that he is the boss?”


Li Zhenghui felt that his worldview has been subverted.

Shaun!! he was just a useless son-in-law of Bai family, how could he suddenly became the global boss?

What is this…


Tianlong Xu’s voice came again.

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