Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 190

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Chapter 190

“Who do you think about Shan Lin? Who do you think the Global Boss is? Who do you think is the famous doctor Lin?”

“It’s all him! Our biggest BOSS!”

“You had the opportunity to obey the orders of BOSS and become one of the prominent persons in Jinjiang! It’s a pity that you lost the opportunity!”


The impact of this sentence is absolutely fatal t Li Zhenghui.

He only felt that his nerves were out of order.

China Forest Block!

Global BOSS!

Doctor Lin!

This is really person, on whom he has laughed!

How could this be!

Li Zhenghui’s nerves were hit hard in an instant, his eyes changed from panic to dullness.

Then, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and a faint smile appeared.

“Hahaha… The BOSS visited me, I saw the BOSS, and missed the opportunity!”

“Hahaha…I’m done, Li Zhenghui is done…hahaha…”

At this moment, Li Zhenghui was completely crazy.

He laughed loudly and rolled all over on the floor, as if his spirit had been severely stimulated and he fell into a state of madness.

He didn’t even hear Tianlong Xu’s sigh on the phone:

“Li Zhenghui, you have been expelled from Tianlong Group and will never be hired!”

Hang up the phone!

People are crazy!

Crazy… Crazy?

At this moment, all the guests stunned were to see Li Zhenghui, because they were her to celebrate his brithday and he has went crazy that he is yelling like an idiot.

He was on the ground, constantly rolling, tearing his hair, biting his fingers, and tearing his clothes.


Everyone there, whether it was Lin Guangyao or the others, they could hardly believe their eyes.

“Uncle! Uncle! stand up, don’t scare me!”

Lin Guangyao hurried up at this moment, shaking Li Zhenghui.

Li Zhenghui is his backer.

Without Li Zhenghui, he will be completely ruined that the dream of re-entering the Tianlong Group will all fade away.

No matter how much Lin Guangyao shook, Li Zhenghui was completely crazy.

“BOSS! Hahaha… he turned out to be my boss!”

“Li Zhenghui, you idiot, you could have obeyed the boss and become a dragon and phoenix among people! Hahaha, idiot Li Zhenghui!”

“Mom. My boss is so awesome, hahaha…”


Crazy talk!

Shouting and screaming.

Everyone around didn’t understand what happened to him.

Only Curator Zhu Qing got these words and then thought of Shaun’s words before leaving. As if thinking of something, his body trembled fiercely:

“The Big Boss of whom Li Zhenghui is talking is must be Shaun!”

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