Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 220

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Chapter 220

Jacob failed to coax her, and became annoyed inexplicably, “Grace. Don’t be shameless.”

Grace looked at him and swallowed her saliva. Timidly said, “I didn’t ask you to help me?”

Jacob completely gave up to save her, “I don’t bother to care about you.”

Then, the atmosphere in the car became extremely cold.

When neither of them spoke, Guan Xiao saw that the president was sulking, and quickly turned on the music to adjust the atmosphere.

Music is a song sung by Irene-Jacob and Grace were in the cold war. Suddenly hearing the voice of Irene, Jacob felt irritated, this girl didn’t know what was good or bad. Then angrily scolded Guan Xiao, “Turn off.”

Grace looked at the fierce Jacob, thinking that she was infatuated with him, he was even annoyed when he heard her voice. Immediately gave birth to a sense of vicissitudes of “my heart is toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch”.

“I want to hear.” She protested quietly.

Jacob stared at her, saw the provocative and rebellious gaze in her eyes, curled his lips and chuckled.

“Do you know whose song this is?” he asked.

Grace hesitated for a long time before shaking her head, “I don’t know!”

After saying these words, Grace’s childishness came up again, with her round pupils open, looking at Jacob fixedly, and boasting. “But her voice is very nice, as if it can heal all kinds of anxiety in people’s hearts. Don’t you think?”

Jacob couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes.”

It’s really Wang Po selling melons and boasting!

Grace climbed up the bamboo pole, “Guan Xiao, Lord Zhan liked the song just now, please turn on the speaker.”

Without the president personally giving orders, how could Guan Xiao dare to turn on the speaker without authorization?

He is not stupid, but Grace wants to hear it.

“Let it go!” Jacob said.

“Oh.” Guan Xiao turned on the music, and a beautiful ethereal voice slowly flowed out.

Jacob closed his eyes and quietly listened to Irene’s episode of the ferryman in the movie “Let Me Stay by Your Side”!

The dynamic melody and ethereal voice interpret the infatuated love deeply, and every sentence hits the depths of the human soul.

Grace heard tears in her eyes, especially the phrase “the smallest me, the most humble dream”, which made her feel emotional.

“Close it,” she said hoarsely.

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at her blankly. Seeing her long fan-like eyelashes trembled fiercely, like fallen leaves swaying in the wind in autumn, so helpless, the precarious life has no foundation.

Jacob stretched out his hand to hold her hand, but his hand was stuck in the air and then put it down.

He still has some doubts in his heart that have not been resolved, so he shouldn’t provoke her unscrupulously.

If you can’t respond to her, just protect her silently.

“Irene, if it is you, bear with me for a while.” He said silently in his heart.

Rolls Royce stopped at the sea and sky.

When Jacob opened the car door and strode around the car to open the door for her, Grace pushed the car door and walked down.

She never expected him to be a gentleman of charity to her.

Jacob stayed in place, watching Grace walk toward the villa depressed, and sighed almost inaudibly.

He suddenly remembered something and knocked on the driver’s window. Guan Xiao looked at him suspiciously, “President, what else do you have to order?”

“Go and check what crisis Yan’s enterprise has encountered?”

“Good.” Guan Xiao replied.

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