Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 221

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Chapter 221

At the gate of the villa stood two bodyguards wearing sunglasses and black suits. Standing motionless like two green pines on both sides of the door.

Grace walked to the door and was shocked when she saw the two bodyguards.

She recognized them, they were the bodyguards of the Zhan Family Patriarch. The old lady usually takes them wherever he goes.

Grandpa Jasonly visited, something important must happen.

When Grace hesitated whether to go in, Jacob quickly followed, and when he saw the two bodyguards, his brows frowned unconsciously.

“Master Zhan, I still won’t go in.” Grace turned and walked to the garden on the right, Jacob suddenly took her hand.

“The old man came here, presumably he wants to discuss with you about Derek’s custody.” Jacob said.

Grace also guessed the old lady’s intentions, but she didn’t want to negotiate with the old lady at all. She looked at Jacob with a hint of hesitation in her eyes, “Do you think he came to discuss with me?”

This sentence is obviously negative.

Jacob said, “Escape can’t solve the problem!”

Grace sullenly said, “The hegemonism of your warriors pursues problems that cannot be solved without money. But what I pursue is a gentleman who loves money and earns money. Don’t try to use money to buy Derek’s custody! “

Jacob nodded, a light smile burst into his eyes. “You know our war family well. However, the problems that money cannot solve can be solved from another angle.”

Grace puffed up, “Anyway, I won’t hand over Derek’s custody to you.” After speaking, she straightened her chest and pushed the door in Ling Ran looking like death.

The old man sat on the sofa and played games with the children happily. The eagle pupil is always full of coldness, killing decisive men in the mall, smiling lovingly at this moment, just like an ordinary old man.

Many people were still standing in the room, including Jacob’s parents and sister.

Seeing Grace and Jacob walk in, the old man winked at the servant on the side. The servant immediately stepped forward and led the three children down.

The old man tidyed up the clothes that had been crumpled by the children, and the smile of kindness switched to a serious expression.

“You all go and stay in the garden, I will talk with Miss Luo alone.” The old man ordered.

Jacob wanted to say something, but was interrupted sharply by the old lady, “Juer, you also go out.”

Jacob looked at Grace anxiously, and Janice came over and pulled her out.

“Brother, let’s go!”

When only the old lady and Grace were left in the room, the old man looked at Grace with sharp eyes.

Grace was startled slightly.

The old man and her grandfather used to be good brothers. When she was a child, she often saw the old lady, and the old lady always smiled and looked amiable every time she saw her. Treat her more closely than her granddaughter.

However, he is someone who is close to each other, and he is kind to Irene, but to Grace, he seems very alienated.

“Miss Luo, you should know where I came from?”

“Hmm.” Grace nodded nervously.

“I am very grateful that you gave birth to such lovely two children for the Zhan Family. As compensation, I will give you two billion. However, you must return Derek’s custody to the Zhan Family.” The old lady’s tone cannot be rejected.

Grace moved her lips and teeth. Before she could say anything, the old lady said aggressively, “I know that you are noble and unwilling to accept this deal. However, this matter definitely does not have you to be the master.”

“Old lady!”

The old lady interrupted her brutally, “Don’t try to bargain with me. Because it’s useless.”

The domineering and powerful old man made Grace feel aggrieved.

She is weak but not cowardly. She is bullied, and her little lamb will blow up her hair.

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