Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 222

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Chapter 222

“I don’t accept it.” Grace protested angrily.

The old lady looked at Grace with admiration, she didn’t want 2 billion, and she had the courage to confront him.

The old man leaned forward, his voice was soft but it was deterrent. “Then you won’t get a penny, and you will lose the custody of your child!”

Grace glared at him with hatred, and declared war on him in a provocative tone.

“Grandma, you can take away Derek’s custody rights by thousands of methods, but alone cannot convince me to hand over Derek’s custody rights to the Zhan Family.”

The old lady looked at Grace’s eyes getting colder and colder, “I don’t need you to be convinced by me.”

“If I disagree, you forcibly take away Derek’s custody rights, what is the difference with the robber?” Grace said angrily.

The old lady was so angry that she punched the coffee table, causing the tea cup to fall to the ground with a crisp cracking sound.

Jacob heard a loud noise coming from the room. Run in quickly.

He saw the old man staring at Grace with blood-red pupils—Grace stared back at the old man in awe.

“Jacob, I order you to immediately regain Derek’s custody right through judicial procedures.” The old man said furiously.

Grace looked at him fearlessly. “Robber.”

Jacob slapped his forehead, the old lady and Grace actually quarreled?

“Grace, you go out first.” Jacob could only temporarily separate the two angry people and put out the fire.

Grace left.

The old man sat back on the sofa weakly, gritted his teeth and said, “What a fierce woman.”

Jacob poured a cup of hot tea for the old man, handed it to his hand, and said, “Why did Grandpa force her?”

The old man squinted his eyes and looked at Jacob, “Why can’t you help her or show mercy to her men? Why has this matter been delayed for so long and has not been resolved? This is not your style!”

Jacob took a sip of tea elegantly and smiled bitterly, “I have both.”

The old lady was stunned, “Nanning said that the reason you broke up with her was related to Grace. I didn’t believe it, but now it seems that this is true. You don’t seem to hate Grace as much as before. “

More than not hate it?

Jacob laughed bitterly. He now loves her one point, five points attachment, very affectionate.

He nodded.

“Do you like her?” The old lady was surprised.

Jacob was lost in thought. After a long while, he said very seriously, “It’s not just like it.”

The old lady was shocked for a long time.

“That said, last time I asked you to marry her, why didn’t you agree?”

Jacob said, “One time and another time.”

“Oh, are you willing to marry her now?”

Jacob nodded.

But the old lady tried her best to stop her and said, “You didn’t mean that after divorcing you, she remarried someone else and gave birth to a child. Such an innocent woman cannot enter the door of the war house.”

“Grandpa, even for silence!” Jacob’s stern voice contained a pleading meaning.

“Don’t say it, I won’t agree.” The old lady was resolute. “The man in my family will not be reduced to marrying a woman who has been divorced twice.”

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