Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 223

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Chapter 223

In the heart of the old lady, Jacob is his highest honor and pride. She cultivated him to be a flawless heir, and absolutely did not allow Grace, a woman with improper private life, to become the only stain on Jacob.

“It’s inappropriate for you to let her live here. It’s easy to misunderstand the lonely man and widow in the same room.” The old lady looked at the faint-eyed Jacob with a serious tone.

“Grandpa, Jas needs Mommy. Derek needs her even more. She must live here.”

“And I need her too.”

Jacob has always been an extremely assertive person.

The old lady looked at Jacob’s faint eyes exuding an unprecedented firm light. He knew too much about Jacob, what Jacob determined was a kind of almost paranoid persistence.

Perseverance, endless!

“The Luo family’s illegitimate daughter, divorced twice, why is it her?” The old lady was helpless with hatred for iron and steel.

Jacob looked up for a moment and said, “Because she is the only one who can dominate my emotions.”

The old man remembered that Grace was the only one who was safe after bullying her precious grandson.

The old man thought for a long time, and sighed helplessly, “Go and call her in.”

The old man’s fierceness is no longer, but like a defeated lion, a little frustrated.

Jacob stood up from the left concubine on the sofa and walked to the back garden.

Grace was anxiously waiting for the old lady to give her a “judgment”, Janice kept calming her from the side, “Sister-in-law, don’t be nervous, my grandfather is a paper tiger in front of my brother. You are even my brother. Not afraid, why be afraid of my grandpa?”

“Who said I’m not afraid of your brother? You didn’t see me pretending to be a grandson and a tortoise in front of your brother, so you almost installed him on the tablet to worship!”

Standing behind Grace, Jacob’s handsome face was instantly covered with black lines when he heard her words.

“Are you afraid of me?” A whistling voice rang from behind, and Grace turned around in fright.

Seeing the face of Lord Jacob, Grace squeezed a bright smile at Jacob’s current affairs.

“Master Zhan, I am not afraid of you, I respect you.” Grace said with a guilty conscience.

Janice’s mouth opened into a standard circle, and the sister-in-law’s skill in making the rudder and beard and slap a horse is truly accomplished.

Jacob wailed, obviously not believing her nonsense.

At this time Grace’s nerves were highly tense.

Speaking of bad things about Jacob behind your back, but still not being cleaned up by Jacob crying father and mother?

Surprisingly, Jacob’s face was still mild, “Come in with me!”

Grace followed behind him with her head drooping.

In order to join in the fun, Janice tiptoedly followed Grace’s back. But when she entered the house, she was turned away by Jacob. Her nose was hit hard by the door panel.

“Brother, my nose, ouch, the prosthesis is crooked.” Janice screamed like a pig while clutching her nose.

After a pause for a few seconds, Jacob opened the door again.

“If you dislike the genes given to you by the Zhan Family, you will keep your eyes open when you reincarnate in your next life. Don’t reincarnate into our house.”

These words were ruthless enough, and Janice’s parents immediately cast resentful glances at her.

Janice said with shame, “I just moved my nose.”

When Janice was about to get into the crack of the door, Jacob closed the door again.

Janice had to put her ear on the door panel to eavesdrop on the conversation inside.

Jacob brought Grace to the old man from the beginning.

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