Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 219

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Chapter 219

Grace red stared at Irene who was anxious and depraved, and how deeply she loved Jacob, Irene was very hostile to Jacob.

Unable to reconcile.

She walked slowly to Irene, and said softly, “President Yan, I am very grateful for your kindness to relieve my urgent need. You can come to me at any time if Chongzhen encounters any technical problems in the future. Don’t worry, as you Hackers, it is professional ethics not to disclose the secrets of employers. I will not disclose any data of Chongzhen. And—”

Grace suddenly stood on tiptoe and attached her mouth to Irene’s ears. The behavior seemed intimate, “Be careful of the Bai family of the four major families in the capital.”

Irene was surprised, “Are you separating us?”

Facing her brother’s questioning, Grace was very helpless.

“Just beware of the other party. Time will prove my innocence.” After saying this, Grace took a step back. It opened her zero-distance contact with Irene.

Jacob raised his brows, Grace was very upset with Irene’s intimate actions, and her whispering to Irene in such a small voice, she was obviously defensive against him, which made him very unhappy.

“Go back.” He left a cold sentence, turned and walked towards Rolls Royce.

Grace looked back at Irene in a reluctant manner.

Jacob leaned on the car door, seeing her nostalgic expression, his heart was frozen.

He was almost certain that she was Irene.

Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove her identity. But his instinct told him that she was his cling.

However, she is now full of mistrust, defense and alienation towards him.

Hey, who’s to blame, it’s all the results he made before, and he made it by himself.

Grace walked to Jacob, the resentment in her eyes grew stronger. “You lost my job.” She suddenly said viciously.

Jacob opened the car door and stuffed her into the back seat, and then he himself sat in the back seat.

Grace hurried to hide.

“You can find another job if you are out of work.”

Jacob’s nonchalant tone angered Grace, “Do you know how important this job is to me?”

Jacob looked at her feeling out of control, “How important is it?” he asked.

He wanted her to prove her identity personally.

Grace has a strong nasal voice, with a crying cavity, “You don’t understand.”

Jacob said, “Should I find you a new job?”

Grace stared at him, always feeling that this guy was hiding evil intentions!

“What job?” she muttered.

“I lack an assistant, do you want to come back to be my assistant?” he said.

When he mentioned this to Grace, she didn’t get angry. When she was his assistant last time, she was swept out of the house without sitting hot.

Grace said angrily, “Be your assistant? Come and go when you call me?”

“You can sign the contract. If I dismiss you halfway, I will pay you a huge liquidated damage. How?” Jacob looked a little gray. What he did to her last time was really too much.

Grace rebuffed, “You are moody and change your face faster than turning a book. I won’t go to your company.”

Jacob frowned lightly. So in her heart, he has so many shortcomings?

“You can also not work, take good care of the children, I will pay you.” Jacob failed to make a living, and made a living.

Grace shook her head and said in frustration, “Zhan Ye, I am already very humble in front of you. If you become my food and clothing parent, I will fall into the dust in front of you.”

Jacob solemnly said, “I allow you to indulge in front of me.”

Grace still shook her head.

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