Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 186

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Chapter 186

“Mr. Li, you…” Bai Shan’s complexion was ugly.

He also did not expect that Li Zhenghui would change his tone this soon.


Li Zhenghui frowned, and a threatening color appeared in his eyes:

“Why? Mr. Baishan, don’t you want to give it to me?”

“You know, the sales channels of your Bai Group are all in my hands. With a word of mine, we can cut off all your sales channels, and even make 80% of the entire Jiangshi sales channels your enemy. !”

“President of your Bai Group would think of the industry’s future.”



Hearing this, Baishan trembled with anger.

Knowing that this lone fisherman is a treasure of Master Blood, he is obviously reluctant to give it away, but Li Zhenghui was right. If he made trouble, then Li Zhenghui will discontinue sales the relation with their Bai Group.

At that time, even if you develop a Pill of Resurrection, you can’t sale it without the help of Li Zhenghui!

And entire Bai Group will become bankrupt.

“How…what to do now…”

Beads of sweat flowed down from Baishan’s forehead.

Suddenly, he felt a warm palm, patted his shoulder.

It was Shaun.

“Shaun…” Bai Shan was startled, and saw Shaun giving answer to Li Zhenghui.

“Mr. Li! Li Zhenghui!”

Shaun’s voice was cold, and the corners of his mouth were full of sarcasm!

He Looked at Li Zhenghui, as like he is looking at a joker.

“What kind of thing are you, you dared to call my name directly! Don’t think you can do anything because you know Robert! I tell you, this is Jiangshi, not the United States!” Li Zhenghui’s eyes were sharp.

He still considers Shaun as inferior.

Even if you know Robert, so What!

You are a scrap person and you will remain scrap, nothing more.

“What a high class person, ” Shaun was amused by Li Zhenghui’s stupidity.

He took a deep look at Li Zhenghui:

“Unfortunately, I gave you the opportunity to go to heaven, but you choosed hell!


Shaun’s words not only stunned Li Zhenghui, but even Lin Guangyao and others next to him were all stunned to hear what Shaun said.


This scrap son-in-law is threatening the second in command of the Tianlong Group-Li Zhenghui?



In everyone’s eyes, Shaun was absolutely an idiot.

It’s more than that!

Shaun stared at Li Zhenghui, as if looking at a small reptile, his eyes were so dark but gloomy:

“Today, you will be expelled from Tianlong Group! If you do not expelled today, then Tianlong Group will be delisted within three days!”


Following Shaun’s words, people in the banquet hall got completely stunned.

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