Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 187

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Chapter 187

Shaun is not only threatening Li Zhenghui, even he is threatening the Tianlong Group!

He is so crazy!

Is that Tianlong Group, a giant enterprise in Jiangshi?

This little person threatened to delist the Tianlong Group. Is he out of his mind?

Suddenly, the whole banquet hall burst into laughter.

Every laughter was filled with ridicule and mockery of Shaun.

It seemed to them that Shaun is a joker.

Shaun didn’t care about everyone’s ridicule and sarcasm. He took Baishan, and left without looking back!

“Hahaha…Did you hear that? Just now the crap person threatened President Li and the Tianlong Group!”

“I’m laughing to death, their Bai Group is just only a second-rate interprise! What’s more, this guy is just an a**hole of the Bai Group!”

The roar laughter of laughter echoed in the hall!

Just in the crowd!

Zhu Qing’s eyelids were jumping wildly.

That’s it!

Although he could not really determine the identity of Shaun, he had an inexplicable hunch that something bad would definitely happen to Li Zhenghui and then Li family would be finished.

“Hahaha…uncle! You see it? This is Shaun, he dared to threaten you and your company!” Lin Guangyao walked near to Li Zhenghui with a sneer.

He couldn’t wait for Li Zhenghui’s revenge on Shaun and the Bai Group!

Hearing this!

Li Zhenghui sneered:

“Huh! What!”

Don’t worry, when I will go back to company, I will immediatly order to cut the connections with Bai family. And you will see this scrap person will kneel down for mercy.

Li Zhenghui smiled hideously.

However, just he finished saying!

Jingle Bell!

His cell phone bell rang in his pocket.

Li Zhenghui picked up the phone and took a look, then smiled:

“It’s our chairman!”


Hearing this, everyone around got hesitated.

They obviously know that the chairman of the Tianlong Group is the famous Tianlong Xu, who is one of the top leaders in Jiangshi.

In everyone’s mind they thought, Tianlong Xu may called to congratulate him on his 50th birthday.

Li Zhenghui took a deep breath, then picked up the phone, and immediately heard Tianlong Xu’s kind and gentle voice:

“Hahaha… Zhenghui, congratulations!”


Hearing this enthusiastic voice, Li Zhenghui smiled.

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