Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 185

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Chapter 185


At this moment, after seeing Shaun nodding his head, there were sounds of cold breath in the surrounding.

Many of the guests here, almost all of them belongs to upper-class, when the assets of all of them added up, for sure the total worth will be less than 27.8 billion Chinese currency.

And now!

Shaun sold a painting within seconds, for the value more than all their net worth combined!

“Lin…Mr. Lin!”

At this moment, Curator Zhu Qing walked up with a complicated face.

He looked at Shaun as if he was looking at a monster, full of awe.

Because he was the only one who faintly guessed the identity of Shaun, and this made him scared to pee.


In the sight of everyone, Zhu Qing bowed to Shaun, and then said in awe:

“Mr. Lin, I used to be someone who was very knowledgeable. I was really ashamed to not hear what you said earlier. I am here to apologize to you!”

“From today on, if Mr. Lin has any dispatch, I, Mr. Zhu, will not hesitate!”


Zhu Qing bowed on the ground.


Who can imagine that the extremely arrogant curator Zhu Qing will admitt his mistakes, apologize and bowed to Shaun.

Not only him!

Da da da!

After that, Li Zhenghui reacted with a thick smile on his face, he greeted went to him quickly and said enthusiastically:

“Mr. Baishan, Mr. Lin, it was all a misunderstanding just now. It was all due to this crap Li. I hope you two will not take it to your heart!”

Li Zhenghui said this and his heart was bleeding to find that this lone fishing man painting was originally meant to be given to him.

Missed three hundred million dollars, and even missed a peerless treasure.

“Mr. Baishan, I would love to take this painitng as a gift from you! As long as you give it to me, I promise to open all sales channels of Tianlong Group immediately and escort you Bai Group!”

That’s it!

Li Zhenghui looked at the painting in Shaun’s arms, his eyes filled with heat and greed:

“Other than that, if you have any conditions, you can mention it! I agree to all of them in advance!”


Everyone got stunned.

They did not expect that Li Zhenghui is such a shameless person.

Not long ago, Baishan brought this painting as a birthday gift and gave it to him, but he rejected it and threatened to cut off all the sales channels of the Bai Group.

But now, knowing that this painting is so valuable, now he is eager to get it, he is too shameless.

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