Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 184

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Chapter 184



Everyone can hear Robert’s emotional changes in his voice.

Instead of being furious when ignored by Shaun, he was in a state of ecstasy.


Bai Shan, Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao, Li Zhenghui, and all the surrounding guests also got shocked.

what happened?

Listening to his tone, Robert seems to know… Shaun?

How can this be!

But there is more to it!

After Shaun heard Robert’s excited voice, he got slightly irritated and said:

“What a fuss! Besides, my last name is Lin!”

“Okay…Okay, Mr. Lin, I’m just too excited, I didn’t expect to see you!” Robert also noticed his gaffe at this moment, and quickly adjusted his expression, then said cautiously:

“Mr. Lin, I don’t know if this painting by Master Blood can be sold to our Global Collection!”

“We can pay 300 million US dollars!”


When Robert’s words came out, the people in surrounding including Baishan, Li Zhenghui and others got stunned.

300 million dollars!

Almost everyone’s heart exploded. They couldn’t imagine that Robert was so impatient to get this painting, espacially at this high price.

However, it is surprising!

Shaun seemed to have felt it early, and he rubbed his eyebrows irritably:

“Good! Send someone to trade in a while!”


That’s it!

Shaun hung up the video call and again everyone around him got stunned!

Seeing Shaun hanging up the video call without hesitation, the people surrounding him twitched their mouths.

Oh God!

That was the call of the curator of the Global Collection. There are just few lucky people in the world with whom he talks with!

But Shaun…


Baishan facial expression changed drastically, until now he is considering it as if he is dreaming:

“Lin…Shaun, is it really 300 million dollars?”

300 million US dollars, valued at 27.8 billion Chinese coins.

This is almost more valuable than the entire Bai family’s wealth.

And more importantly, how Shaun fixed this deal within in seconds?

Everyone just feeling as if they have had a dream, an unimaginable dream.

Shaun nodded lightly.

After he saw Robert’s attitude in the video call, he expected that the old man will definitely buy his paintings.

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