Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2135

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Chapter 2135

Jacob walked to Yan Zheng, kicked him and said: “I have tolerated you for a long time. It used to be because I wanted to take into account the feelings of Zheng Ling. Now she is not here. By my side, I will treat you as I want to.”

Yan Zheng stunned: “Are you serious?”

Jacob kicked Yu Chengqian again, and said angrily: “Also you, dare to covet my daughter-in-law. Today? Let you all die here. I’ll sit back and relax.”

Yu Chengqian’s handsome pupil looked at Jue Zhan Han in doubt, knowing that Jue Zhan Han suddenly turned against them for a reason. But he couldn’t guess why Zhan Ye did this.

After Jacob vented his anger, he took the important things and left.

Yan Zheng cursed against the back of Zhan Ye: “You are not a human being with the surname Zhan. How can you abandon your companions?”

Yu Chengqian kept thinking. When Jacob kicked him a few feet, he gave him a meaningful look. .

What does that look mean?

After Yu Chengqian realized it, Yu Chengqian suddenly followed Yan Zheng and scolded the warlord.

“Jacob, you leave the package, there are things we need in it. You bastard, you better not let me catch you. Otherwise, I will definitely break your body into pieces.”

Yu Chengqian was anxious and relied on it. Strong willpower stood up. But soon he fell down again.

The old woman said: “Young man, don’t move. You are poisoned by me and you will not be able to move within three days. If you move, your internal organs will slowly rot.”

Yan Zheng asked, “Is that right? If we don’t eat or drink, we will solve the toxicity by ourselves in three days? The old woman sneered: You are too naive. This poison requires a first-class healer to solve it. If there is no genius doctor to save you within three days, you will have to do it. Waiting for God to take you.”

“Since you are the poison, you should have an antidote?”

The old woman said: “In our line, we can only use poison but not save people.”

Yan Zheng cried out: “Where shall we find a genius doctor?” The old woman snorted coldly, “There is no genius doctor in Silence Town. Walk out. Silence Town needs six or seven days. So, you are dead.”

Yan Zheng roared hysterically: “Fuck, you black-hearted old lady. You killed us, I’m not even a ghost. Leave you alone.” Yu Chengqian said: “Don’t worry, she is tied up, and she will end up like us in three days. They will become starving ghosts.”

Yu Chengqian guessed right. The woods are too big and normal. The doctors rarely walked around, the old woman and the little granddaughter were tied up, let alone three days or thirty days, no one came to rescue them.

Yan Zheng suddenly burst into laughter, he got up hard, walked staggeringly to the old woman, showing off: “Now, do you really want to beg me, please let me go?” The old woman said: “You let go If you have me, I have a way to continue your life.”

Yu Chengqian said: “Don’t believe her. Anyway, you are going to die, and you will die sooner or later. After you untie her, our hatred will be unrequited. Wouldn’t you die? Qu?”

Yan Zheng only wanted to survive: “I don’t want to die, let her continue our lives. At least we still have a chance.”

Yu Chengqian yelled at him: “She lied to you…”

Old woman Said: “I didn’t lie to you, I have a ready-made life-sustaining pill. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it. Anyway, you are poisoned and can’t walk that far. There is spring water a mile away from my house. That spring water is that. Natural life-sustaining pill. You help me solve it, and I can fetch you water.”

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