Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2134

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Chapter 2134

The old woman said: “If you keep going north, you will enter the vast virgin forest, and there is a realm of God inside. Many people are looking for it one after another, but no one has so far. Find them.”

Jacob thanked the old woman and walked out of Wushuang’s room. Prepare to summon Yu Chengqian and the others, and set off immediately.

However, when they walked out of the room, they saw them lying on the ground huddled up and down, pale, looking at him weakly and helplessly.

“Cousin, we are poisoned.”

Yu Chengqian pointed at the little girl tremblingly: “This little Nizi is hiding evil intentions, and there is something wrong with the food we just gave us.”

Zhanhan Jue’s eyes shot at the girl: “Why did you do this? “The old woman opened the door curtain and walked out, and said with a sullen face: “I asked her to do this.”

Jacob angrily said: “Why are you going to harm us?” The

Old woman walked up to Jacob and looked at it with cold eyes. Jacob said: “You are so handsome, you must be the prince of the imperial capital, right?”

Jacob squinted Yingtong: “Are you from Shan Yun?” The old woman chuckled, “You are very smart.”

Jacob was puzzled. They had just arrived in Silence Town, and they had never met this pair of grandparents. But the ancestors and grandchildren acted on them so quickly, and they did not confirm their identities.

This is not in line with common sense?

“How do you know that I am Lord Zhan Han?” The old woman fixedly looked at Lord Zhan Han, her old eyes with cunning wisdom. “Master Zhan, aren’t you smart? Guess?”

Jacob asked again: “Why didn’t you do it to me?” The old woman stared at the little granddaughter angrily: “Why?”

The girl smiled shyly: “Zuzu. I like him. You give him to me, okay?”

Jacob was dumbfounded.

Yan Zheng never forgot to quarrel with the war master. He envied and hated him: “It turns out that good-looking looks can also prolong life.”

Jacob stared at him with no anger: “Shut your mouth.”

At this moment, he was envious and jealous. My mind is very messy, I always feel that the danger this time is more like a premeditated.

Regarding the granddaughter’s request, the old woman strongly refused: “No, you can’t conquer him.” The little girl raised her head eagerly and vowed: “Grandfather, you believe in me, I will let him obey me obediently.” The old woman again. Examining Jacob again, he was amazed by his appearance, and finally let go, and said: “I allow you to have a child with him. Then he must die.” The little girl clapped her hands and exclaimed, “Thank you Zuzu.”

Zhan How could Hanjue be the master who was slaughtered by others? He said that it was too late and then soon, and two flying stones were thrown out. The ancestors and grandchildren suddenly fell to the ground.

When the old woman stretched out her arms to spread the poison, Jacob kicked up the rope on the ground with agility and agility, binding the grandfather and grandson together.

The old woman smiled evilly: “Master Zhan, you tied me up, who will detoxify your companion?”

Jacob sat on the stool next to him comfortably, looking at Yu Chengqian and the others in pain, and said: “It’s better for them to be poisoned. No one would hold back with me every day. My ears were so happy. “The old woman didn’t expect her hostage to fail. His face was a little crumpled.

However, Yan Zheng scolded in anger, “You are too ruthless with the surname Zhan. I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person and fly separately. Why didn’t I find it before?”

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