Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2133

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Heard Yu Chengqian’s words, the little girl became excited: “I can find someone to help your friends detoxify. But you have to promise me, you have to stay for a while.”

“No. Yes.” Jacob refused.

Yu Chengqian said: “Cousin, sacrificing personal interests can be exchanged for the happiness and stability of the people in the imperial capital. It is worth it.”

Yan Zheng smacked his lips and said sourly: “Besides, this is not a chore.”

Jacob was angry enough “Don’t you.” Forgot the lesson of Juma?”

Yan Zheng said: “Oh, we are now in a place far away from the emperor, and your wife will not know what we are doing here. Don’t worry, we will keep it secret for you.”

Zhan Han Jue snorted and vented his dissatisfaction with them.

“Saving people first.”

In this way, Jacob and the others settled down in the girl’s bamboo house.

The girl is also a person who believes in her words. After eating, she said to Jacob: “Uncle, I will help you get a healer. Don’t go far. There are many poisonous plants nearby. If you don’t touch them, then it’s troublesome.

Because Yan Zheng’s tongue is a lesson, Jacob also knows that this deep forest is no better than other deep forests, and that it can become a place favored by geniuses, indicating that the plant varieties here are somewhat unique.

“Yeah.” Jacob replied faintly.

After the little girl left, Jacob stood by Guan Xiao Wushuang. Seeing their increasingly haggard bodies, Jacob felt very distressed.

“Daddy, don’t worry about us.” Wushuang felt very guilty when he saw Jacob panicking for her along the way.

Jacob said: “Shuang’er, you must remember to never give up hope.”

“Yeah.” In the evening, the little girl brought back an old woman.

The little girl and Zhan Ye introduced: “This is my ancestor, and she has good medical skills.”

Jacob was very prepared, and for the sake of safety, he asked the old woman a few more questions. “What kind of disease does the mother-in-law look at?” The old woman said with an arrogant expression: “I see everything.”

Jacob frowned. The doctors are divided into departments. It is inevitable that the general practitioners are not professional enough. However, looking at this old woman’s demeanor, she has a very confident face, obviously she has some abilities.

Jacob said: “Please mother-in-law to treat my daughter.” Jacob took the old woman to Wushuang. The old woman saw Wushuang’s exposed hands, and her fingernails became darker and darker from the tip to the bottom. Exclaimed in exclamation.


Jue Zhan Han looked at her mother-in-law fixedly, “Mother-in-law has seen this disease?” The old woman looked at Jue Zhan Han suspiciously: “How did she contract this disease?” An obscure edge spread from her eyes low. .

Jue Zhan Han kept his eyes in mind, and said: “My daughter is a high school student, probably because she was infected by others.” The old woman’s sharpness faded and said: “I can’t treat this disease.”

Jue Zhan Han also knew this. Illness is particularly difficult, and it is not difficult for others. Just asking her: “Does the mother-in-law know where God’s Domain is?” The old woman said: “You want to go to God’s Domain? That’s a place where there is no return.”

Jacob glanced at the dying Wushuang, he knew Wushuang. There is not much time left, he must race against time. Jacob’s face solemnly said: “Mother-in-law, my daughter’s life is at stake. I can’t die without saving. No matter how dangerous the place is, I have to break into it.”

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