Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2132

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Chapter 2132

Angry, Jacob still asks a random doctor to see Yan Zheng.

The doctor checked Yan Zheng and said, “When we get to the farmer’s house, let’s take a blood test to see if the poisoning is serious?”

But Yan Zheng’s tongue has almost recovered before it reaches the farmer’s house.

“I can speak.” Yan Zheng said vaguely.

The war master said: “The scourge left for thousands of years, don’t worry, God won’t accept you.”

Yan Zheng said: “Can you say something nice?”

War master said: “Your wife and son pray for your safety at home every day. So don’t worry, you can’t die no matter what you do.

Yan Zheng was ashamed: Okay, okay, I’ll take good care of myself in the future. Keep your mouth shut. After walking the mountain road for two hours, the warrior and the others rushed to the farmhouse. The farmhouse is a row of bamboo houses. In the wide courtyard outside the bamboo house, there is a stove, and a young girl is cooking on the fire.

Jacob pressed Yan Zheng’s chin, Yan Zheng understood. This guy was arrogant at him again.

Yan Zheng said in a huff: “My mouth is hurt. Let’s change them.”

Jacob is reluctant: “Your energy that is nowhere to be released, if you don’t bother others, it will bother us.”

So his black belly choice makes Yan Zheng go to annoy strangers.

Yan Zheng stepped forward and said to the little girl in a graceful manner: “Little sister, do you know how to get to God’s Domain?” The little girl moved her fingers holding the tongs. Lifting his eyes, a pair of dark eyes looked at Yan Zheng suspiciously: “Are you not a local?”

“Yes, we are the emperor…”

Jacob and Yu Chengqian cleared their throats at the same time.

Yan Zheng turned his head and glared at them, knowing that they were reminding him of his idea to protect his identity, but Yan Zheng just thought they were making a fuss.

The little girl shook her head: “I don’t know where God’s Domain is. Every ten days and a half, someone will come to my house to inquire about the whereabouts of God’s Domain, but they never come back after they left. I advise you to stop looking for that place. That is. The place must be very dangerous.”

Yan Zheng heard the words and said with joy to the battle master: “It seems that we have not found the wrong way. This God’s Domain must be nearby.”

Jacob nodded.

Yan Zheng asked a lot of questions again and again, but they were all trivial questions. For example, are there any beasts around here? Are there any cannibal plants?

Jue Zhan Han reluctantly walked up to the little girl and asked: “Little girl, we are poisoned. Is there a healer near here?”

Since he was near God’s Domain, Zhan Han Jue did not forget his purpose of coming to God’s Domain. It was to detoxify Guan Xiao Wushuang.

The little girl saw Jacob and was stunned by his prosperous beauty. He is like an immortal, his temperament is steady and his voice is also beautiful.

She had never seen such a good-looking man before.

“Uncle, you look so beautiful.”

A cold air came from the soles of Zhan Ye’s feet to the top of his head. Jacob was suddenly unbeautiful because of the girl’s nympho. He retreated and said to Yu Chengqian, “You should ask.”

Yu Chengqian smiled speechlessly.

Please, he is also outstanding, okay?

Yu Chengqian walked up to the little girl with extraordinary confidence and asked: “Little sister, if you can tell me where there is a healer? I will tell you the phone number of this handsome uncle?” The little girl’s gaze has been idiotic. Stay on Lord Zhan Han.

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