Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2137

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Chapter 2137

Han Ling confidently said: “Mommy said that Daddy used to be a full-score student in the college entrance examination. You are Daddy’s child, and all said that the Yangtze River was pushed forward. Why are you inferior to Daddy? Are you up?”

Derek patted Han Ling’s head: “Don’t dislike your second brother.”

Zhan Su saw the anxiety in his eyes, so he asked Zheng Ling: “Mommy, you come to the examination room to pick us up, is it possible? Is there something important to tell us?”

Zheng Ling nodded solemnly.

“Mommy originally wanted you to take a good rest after the college entrance examination. But your uncle Daddy suddenly lost contact four days ago. Mommy was worried about their accidents, so she decided to let you support them.” The children looked very solemn. “What can we do?”

Zheng Ling said the plan he had planned for a long time: “Susu, Derek, you two led the ghosts and sisters of the Military Intelligence Palace respectively, formed two teams, and rushed to daddy. The local silence town of the joint.”

Zheng Ling drew Jacob’s route before losing the joint into a blueprint, and handed it to Zhan Su Hanbao respectively. “This is the route that Daddy has walked. You take a private jet to rush over at the fastest speed.”

Zhan Su Derek nodded firmly with a face.

When Jason and Derek left with each team, Zheng Ling’s eyes were whimpering with tears.

She said to Zhan Su Derek: “Remember, come back alive.” Zhan Su Derek hugged Zheng Ling and comforted her: “Mommy, we will be back soon.”

Zheng Ling said: “I saw your daddy. , Tell him I am fine.”


After reluctantly bidding farewell to Mommy, Jason and Derek left without looking back.

Silenced town.

This silenced town, for some unknown reason, is often rainy, not rainy but also cloudy.

Jacob and the others are trapped in Silence Town, which is really not working every day.

Yan Zheng’s mentality had long since collapsed. He lay on the ground all day and wailed desperately: “I’m dying. I haven’t seen my son grow up yet. I’m sorry Fengxian and Fengzheng.”

“If, who can save me from the prison? I will be a cow and a horse for her in my entire life and repay her. No, our family will be a cow and a horse for her and repay her.”

Yan Zheng just finished his voice, and he was stunned by the bushes. Suddenly a unique voice came from the road.


This voice is unique, its tone is obviously old and hoarse, but it contains a childish charm.

Yan Zheng exhausted his milk-feeding energy and got up and sat, asking around: “Who? Who is talking to me?” Yu Chengqian was awakened by Yan Zheng as soon as he woke up. He was very angry and said, “Can you fu*king?” Be quiet? Like a woman, talking every day, doesn’t your wife bother you?”

Yan Zheng said: “Sleep, sleep, you only know sleep. Sleep to death. Have you heard someone answer me just now? If you want to?”

Yu Chengqian looked at the energetic Yan Zheng weakly and said: “This is a flashback, you have heard the fairy talking.”

Yan Zheng collapsed on the ground again in despair.

Jacob stood up, staring sharply at the road when he came.

The road was winding, and the leaves of the bushes were shaking.

“Someone is coming?” Jacob became vigilant.

Yan Zheng was pleasantly surprised: “Who? Did you save us?”

Yu Chengqian gave him a glance: “Thank God if you didn’t come to kill us.”

Jacob’s expression is also extremely cautious: “In this place, we won’t have friends.”

Yan Zheng whimpered: “God, please take me away.”

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