Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2143

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Chapter 2143

She was like this. After walking for about seven or eight days, she finally encountered a roadblock when she arrived at the border of God’s Domain.

A group of people emerged from God’s Domain. They claimed to be the side branch of the line of God’s Domain Boye. Yan Zheng was completely unsuspecting, and said with joy: “That’s right, we are from the Imperial Capital War Clan. We came to God’s Domain to look for it. Mr. Boye’s. If you are really Mr. Boye’s relatives, then we will find the right person.”

Jacob did not speak. Just staring at those people intently. Look at them wearing a bunch of strange flowers. Jacob couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Why do you wear this?”

He pointed to the flowers and plants on their arms.

One of them, a 40-year-old man, stood up and explained: The God’s Realm is vast and contains rare and exotic plants. Although we grew up here, we can’t know all the poisonous flowers and plants. So the husband asked us to wear them.

Using the detoxifying grass to prevent us from being poisoned.” Jacob turned his gaze to Boye Sakura, and asked one of the elders: “Do you know her?”

The old man looked at Boye Sakura suspiciously, as if desperately thinking about the answer. But he didn’t think of any clues.

Yan Zheng became a little impatient: “Master Zhan, let’s talk after you get in. I’m hungry.”

Jacob stared at him coldly, and murmured in a low voice: “You are not afraid that they will sell you.”

Because of the lessons of the rich mother-in-law, Yan Zheng was also afraid that he would be unfair to others. Then he no longer insists on his own views.

The leading man slapped his chest and vowed: “Warlord, don’t worry, Aunt Boye personally greeted us, saying that a friend from the imperial capital warfare family came over, so we must not embarrass you.”

Yu Chengqian whispered to Hanjue Said: “Longtan Tiger Cave, I have to explore? Otherwise, how can I find Boye?”

Jacob said: “Rumors, Boye is dead. If the rumors are true, these groups of people’s intentions are very dangerous and have to be guarded.”

Yu Chengqian said: “Mr. Boye has been in hiding for a lifetime. She has long since cultivated to become a master. She definitely won’t lose her wiseness when she grows old.”

Jacob is also lucky. He always feels that Grandma Boye is so cold and smart. Women, seeing through the worldly favors, can’t easily lose their lives.

More importantly, the situation of Guan Xiao and Wushuang has become more and more serious recently, and the form is urgent, and Jacob has to take risks.

“Let’s go.”

In this way, Jacob and the others followed the group of strangers.

When Faith Qingge caught up, and seeing this scene, Faith was secretly surprised: “Why did Daddy follow them?” Qingge’s eyes were pointed, and said, “The group of people are tied with detoxification grass.”

Faith’s face was instantly shocked. Changed, said: “No, Daddy must have been fooled.”

Qing Ge said: “How do you know?”

Faith said: “Mr. Boye has an amazing memory. She has studied the flowers and plants of God’s Domain. If this group of people are really true. People in Boye’s line must know the poisonous flowers and plants here, and focus on prevention. Why wear detoxification grass every day?”

Qing Ge said: “reasonable.”

Faith speeded up her pace and tried to catch up with Jacob and the others.

But no matter how old she was, her pace was faltering.

Qing Ge squatted down and said: “I’ll carry you.”

Faith said: “Thanks for your hard work. Qing Ge.”

Qing Ge also didn’t know where the supernatural power came from, so he walked like flying, so he hurried to chase Hanjue and the others.

“Master Zhan stayed.” Qing sing like Hong Zhong, calling Jacob from afar.

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