Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2142

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Chapter 2142

Jacob fell into hesitation.

On the way to God’s Domain, there are many dangers. This Snow Fairy is an enemy or a friend, and she is too arbitrary to make a conclusion based on her current performance.

Not only Jacob thought so. Even Yu Chengqian, who is naturally suspicious and cautious, also thought of this question.

Faith seemed to see their concerns and sighed sadly.

She staggered to the front of Lord Zhan Han, and said: “Sir, don’t worry, I am not in the same group as this poisonous woman. Please believe me, in this world, only I can save them.”

Lord Zhan Han asked cautiously.

Said: “Miss Xuexian, can you tell me how you will save them?” Faith was about to open his mouth when he saw the poisonous mother prick up her ears and move towards him.

Faith said: “Wait a minute.” She walked up to Mother Po, and stretched out a silver needle to prick one of her acupuncture points. Po Po Mother fainted instantly.

The poisonous mother-in-law’s granddaughter exclaimed: “What did you do to my mother-in-law?”

Faith said: “Our family’s medical skills are secret techniques and cannot be passed on. So temporarily let your facial features shut down for work.”

After that, Faith fainted again girl.

Jacob looked at Faith and was amazed by her amazing acupuncture skills, but he doubted Faith’s identity in his heart.

“How does Miss Xue Xian look like an ordinary barefoot doctor?” Jacob tentatively asked.

Faith said: “Sir, don’t ask the source of the hero. Mr.’s child is poisoned. If this poison is not controlled in time, there will be endless troubles. And I am willing to save them, you have the right to treat the dead horse as a living horse doctor.”

Yu Chengqian Said: “That’s not necessary. We entered the realm of God, as long as we find Mr. Boye, the poison can be solved.”

Faith said: “Mr. Boye has passed away. Why do you still not believe it?”

Yu Chengqian said: “Mr. Boye died nine times a lifetime, and this time I believe she can escape from the dead.”

Faith also hoped that her teacher would not die, but she witnessed the explosions and deaths of Mr. Boye and the grandfather. This sad story is gone. A foregone conclusion.

Faith couldn’t let them pin their hopes on the illusion of emptiness. In the end, she could only ask for perfection: Since you don’t want to believe me, then we’ll leave it alone. It just so happens that my grandson and I are also going to God’s Domain, and we will walk with you later. If there is an emergency in front of you, remember to look back for me.”

Yu Chengqian felt that as long as Faith did not follow them, there would be no chance of poisoning. “This is really the best of both worlds.”

Jacob walked to Faith and said: “We will not leave you behind. If you have any needs, you can also ask us for help.”

Faith smiled and nodded. “Mr. is really thoughtful.”

Qingge came back before leaving.

Faith hurriedly made two medicine packs and handed them to Jacob, saying: “Remember to let them swallow them within 24 hours, otherwise their condition will become more difficult to control.”

Jacob took the medicine pack:” Thank you.”

Faith said with a smile: “No thanks.”

In this way, the two teams set off one after another.

Jacob and the others always kept a few hundred meters away from Faith.

Qing Ge was very angry: “Why are they doing this? We saved them, and they are still so guarding against us?”

Faith said sadly: “They were bitten by a snake and feared the rope for ten years. I understand them.”

Zhan Han Jue was not an ungrateful person either. He occasionally looked back to see where Faith and the others had gone, and if there were any difficulties, occasionally he would give them water and food.

Faith felt that her father was cold on the ground and hot on the inside.

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