Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2141

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Chapter 2141

The poisonous mother-in-law looked at Faith and saw that she was old and wrinkled, and she was old and not like a fake. However, she speaks very clearly, occasionally a little childish. Even though she is well-informed, she cannot be connected with the famous geniuses in the world.

The poisonous mother-in-law can only exclaimed: “Sure enough, there are people outside the mountains and there are mountains outside the mountains.”

Tong Baobai glanced at her, scorned: “Your poison is not a strange poison, and the methods of poisoning are not very clever, as long as you understand a little bit. Anyone with medical skills can detoxify this poison.”

Faith’s devaluation of Mother Po’s Poison Technique was worthless, and this severely hit Poison’s pride. She snorted and ignored Faith.

Yan Zheng was so grateful for Tong Bao’s life-saving grace. He ran up to Faith and said respectfully: Oh, mother-in-law will accept me soon. Mother-in-law’s medical skills are simply amazing, and mother-in-law saved me. My Yan Zheng’s life is yours. If you have anything to do in the future, I Yan Zheng will listen to your orders.”

After saying that, Yan Zheng knelt in front of Faith with a puff and knocked her head three times. Frightened Faith again and again.

“Get up quickly, it’s your bounden duty for a healer to save the dying and heal the wounded. I can’t afford to bow down to me,” Faith said in a panic.

Jacob laughed and said: “Miss Xuexian, just stand there and don’t move. You saved her, don’t say he coughed your head a few times, even if your portrait is regarded as Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, you should keep it at home. “


Faith sweats.

Now that Daddy said so, Faith left Yan Zheng to fool around.

Yan Zheng escalates in nonsense, and even wants to recognize Faith as his grandmother.

“Mother-in-law, I met you at first sight, and I felt very kind when I saw you inexplicably. Why don’t you accept me as your grandson?”

Faith wanted to cry without tears.

Yan Zheng pestered Faith, and Faith couldn’t dodge.

Seeing Faith’s resistance, Jacob scolded Yan Zheng and said, “Miss Xue Xian has never married, where is a grandson like yours?”

Yan Zheng gave up.

Seeing Yan Zheng’s recovery, Yu Chengqian also begged Faith: “Miss Xue Xian, can you also detoxify me?”

Faith smiled embarrassedly. “Sorry, the old man has a bad memory and forgot about you. I will detoxify you immediately.”

Faith used the same method to detoxify Yu Chengqian and the others.

When the team regained its vitality, Jacob hurried on his way. “We have been delayed for several days. Now everyone has recovered and can continue on the road.”

Yan Zheng was very lazy: “Well, we have recovered from a serious illness, and we have to rest for a few days.”

Jacob glared at them: “We are not. Those who come to travel are here to seek medical treatment. Saving people is like fighting a fire, don’t you know?

Yan Zheng looked at Faith and said, Mr. Xuexian is so skilled that she must be able to detoxify Wushuang Guanxiao.

Faith said: “To tell the truth, their poison is different from yours. Their poison is a bit troublesome. At present, I can only control their toxicity and not contagion.”

Wushuang and Guan Xiao heard that they could suppress their viral infectivity, and they were immediately pleasantly surprised stand up.

Wushuang was weakly grateful to Faith: “Mrs. Xuexian, if you can help us control the toxicity and prevent it from spreading, even if I die, I will not hesitate.”

Faith was moved by Wushuang sister’s justice spirit, she was firm Tell Wushuang: “Don’t worry, when you get to the realm of God, I will definitely collect all the medicinal materials for curing diseases, and then I will help you treat your diseases.”

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