Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2140

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Chapter 2140

Qing Ge took the prescription, turned around and left.

Faith came to Yan Zheng again, stretched out her hand to open his eyelids, and looked at his eyes.

Yan Zheng resisted a little: “You won’t murder me?”

Faith said, “If you speak harshly to me, I will use a needle to pierce you into a dumb man.”

Yu Chengqian opened his eyes and looked at Faith gratefully. Said: “Old lady, please hurry up and give him the needle. He buzzed like a fly in my ears along the way, and my ears were calluses. If you can make you dumb, we will all be grateful to you.”

Yan Zheng said angrily: “Yu Chengqian, what about your humanity?”

Faith also knew that her uncle was a nuisance. It’s just that the time has passed, and his illness has become more and more unbearable.

Faith took Yan Zheng’s pulse again, and the last group relaxedly said: “I’ll give you a few shots and promise to make you alive and kicking right away.” As soon as Faith’s voice fell, the poisonous mother-in-law laughed arrogantly: “Ha ha, my poison, Just pierce him with a few needles? I think you want to pierce him to death.”

Faith ignored her, but slowly took out the silver needles from the bag. The rows of silver needles were densely distributed, shining brightly and dazzlingly light.

Yan Zheng was so frightened, “I want to live a few more years, old lady. You’d better pierce them first. I don’t want to be a guinea pig.”

Poison mother said: “You know what you are interested in.”

Faith then moved her eyes to On Yu Chengqian, Yu Chengqian listened to the poisonous mother-in-law so confident in his poisoning skills, and he didn’t quite believe that Faith could really pierce him with a few needles.

Faith looked around, and finally walked in front of Yan Zheng and said: “Just you.”

Yan Zheng crawled on the ground, just wanting to escape from Faith’s claws.

However, Faith was caught off guard, and Yan Zheng’s legs were numb. He can’t climb at all.

He heard Faith say: “Where do you climb?”

After that, Yan Zheng, who was lying on the ground like a tortoise, turned over. Yan Zheng paled with fright, and trembled: “Don’t you hurt me? There are old and young in my family. If I die, my wife and son will become someone else’s. I can’t die…”

To relieve his tension, Faith started chatting with him. “How do you know that your wife will remarry when you die?”

“At first glance, she is a pretty woman. Who else will remarry if she doesn’t remarry? Pity my parents and become a widowed old man from then on… “

You will die if you don’t lie? “Jacob slapped it over: “You will die if you don’t lie? You can leave without worry. I will help you take care of your mom and dad, your wife and sister including your son.”

Faith couldn’t help but laugh?

While chatting, Jacob looked at Faith vigilantly, and Faith applied acupuncture on Yan Zheng’s acupuncture points and then bleeds the blood.

These acupuncture points, Jacob rarely sees doctors using them, and only feels confused.

Yan Zheng yelled in fright when he saw blood bleed all over his body. “I’m going to die, I’m going to die.” It’s just that his crying voice is getting louder and louder.

Poison mother-in-law was shocked: “How are you?”

Yan Zheng’s cry stopped abruptly. He seriously felt his body only that his limp body had become extremely energetic.

Yan Zheng stood up happily, took a few steps, and was overjoyed: “I’m all right?” The poisonous woman looked at Faith suspiciously: “What needle did you give him?”

Faith said nonchalantly: “I don’t know this. What kind of acupuncture point, but our ancestors used to detoxify this way.”

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