Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2485

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Chapter 2485

“As long as he wakes up, he can subvert the world.” Prajna exaggerated, “Yu Chengqian, you are the young master of Yujiazhai, think about your Yujiazhai , In the past, the folk customs were simple, and the villagers lived and worked in peace and contentment. But in recent years, Yujiazhai has suffered many accidents, and you have seen that the villagers have died one after another. You, the young master, should take the responsibility of protecting the villagers.”

Yu Chengqian fell into contemplation. Prajna’s words made him shake his belief in protecting the tomb of God.

In the end, he was awakened by Jue Zhan: “Prajna, you can’t provoke my husband and wife relationship, and you start to provoke Yu Chengqian to destroy the tomb of the gods. What is your intention?”

Yu Chengqian looked at Lord Zhan: “Cousin, maybe she is right.”

Zhan Han Jue hates iron and stares at him: “He said that Zhengling is a monster, why, do you really want to get rid of my family’s Zhengling?”

Yu Chengqian looked at the animalistic Zhengling with a look of embarrassment: “But Zhengling looks like this, It seems to be very destructive. If you don’t stop her, she will hurt Yan Zheng.”

At this moment, Zheng Ling’s eyes were red.

Holding Yan Zheng’s throat, he just wanted to kill.

Jacob walked over, grabbed Zhengling’s wrist, and stopped: “Zhengling, calm down. This is your brother, you will regret it if you hurt him.”

“Go away.” Zhengling revealed to Zhan. sharp teeth.

Jue Zhan looked at her sticking out her tongue, like a snake letter, and slapped her neck with a slap, and fainted in Jue Zhan’s arms.

At this time, Zhengling’s body suddenly burst out with black energy, and then a python came out of her mouth. It was quickly expressed in the air, with a small black snake turning into a thousand-year-old python, and the snake’s body lines looked very old. It stared at the black pupil and rammed towards Prajna domineeringly.

Prajna evilly smiled: “You finally came out?”

Then Prajna took out many spells from his pocket, burned them all, and scattered them in the air.

Suddenly, there was a net of heaven and earth, sprinkled on the python.

The python fled under the giant net.

At this time, Zhengling slowly opened her eyes, and when she saw the giant python fleeing in panic, she suddenly rushed forward. Trying to help the python open the way.

But that spell also had magic power on her. She hit the giant net of the spell, and her whole body was covered in blood.

“Ah?” Zhengling screamed.

Jacob dashed over, but the python was faster than him, he suddenly opened his bloody mouth and put the plume in his mouth.

Hannya shouted: “It’s going to eat the lingering. Stop her quickly.”

Lord Zhan Han stared nervously at the giant python, thinking about how to defeat the giant python in his mind. But at this moment, a light flashed from the python’s body, a soul orb flew from the python’s body to its mouth, and Zhengling’s body became transparent, as if it had been washed, and slowly became solid again.

Zhengling seemed to be reborn, and Huo Di opened her eyes.

Then she jumped down from the python’s mouth. She looked at Prajna angrily and said, “Brother Sir, don’t believe her. The python will not hurt you. It is a divine beast that is loyal and protects its master, and it only listens to its master all its life. And I am its owner.”

Jacob said: “Zhengling, I believe in you.”

Zhengling said: “The giant python has been wounded by his soul and can’t stand these spells. Brother Jue, take him away. I’ll deal with Prajna.”

“You? No, I’ll do it.”

“Brother Sir, the giant python passed on his soul power to me. Only I can deal with Prajna. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”

Zhan Han Jue glanced at the giant python, and saw its two eyes staring at Zhengling anxiously, a little worried.

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