Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 342

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Chapter 342

How could the president allow hackers who sabotage Zhan’s intranet to get away with it?

“I need to re-establish Zhan’s defense system.” For a long time, Jacob said.

Guan Xiaowei was startled, this is really not the style of the president.

In the face of the enemy, the CEO usually resorts to the iron-and-blooded tactics. But this time, in such a bad physical condition, he decided to personally improve the defense of his own network?

Is this way too gentle for the enemy?

“Yes. President.” Guan Xiao obeyed habitually.

He believes that any decision of the president must be wise. If they do not understand the mystery, it can only show that their IQ is in arrears.

Zhan Hanxuan asked unwillingly, “Brother, have we just let go of the flowers of Gaoling like this?”

“Leave her? No way.” Jacob’s eyes surged with coquettish blood, making him look like a bloodthirsty addict.

In this life, he will never let her go.

“What about Bai Suyuan?” Zhan Hanxuan asked.

Jacob’s brows and eyes were sobbing, “We castrated him.” How dare he hook up with his woman?

Zhan Hanxuan trembled. “Brother, are you really here? Although Bai Suyuan is abhorrent, but the crime is not inevitable?”

The eldest brother is so tolerant of Gaolingzhihua, why is he so ruthless to Bai Suyuan?

“Big brother, he is the son of Uncle Bai anyway, so just teach him a lesson.” Zhan Hanxuan pleaded for Bai Suyuan.

“I need your advice when I do something?” Jacob stared at Zhan Hanxuan, his voice extremely cold.

Zhan Hanxuan wrapped his clothes tightly, crying in mourning, “Big Brother, I’m just afraid that you will maimed him and it will be difficult to deal with Shishu Bai. Shishu Bai is just such a seedling from generation to generation?”

“Who will let him teach his son nowhere.”

Zhan Hanxuan: “…”

Brother, this reason is far-fetched?

Jacob cast his gaze on Guan Xiao, “Go and check Bai Suyuan’s recent whereabouts. Find a few people to manage him.”

Guan Xiao nodded, turned and left.

“Wait…” Jacob didn’t know what he thought of, and suddenly stopped him, and told him very seriously, “By the way, his newly recruited assistant is called Rose. This matter must be Avoid her, don’t let her notice.”

“Yes.” Guan Xiaowei was startled.

Is this unusual behavior of the president? “

In the past, anyone who offended the Zhan clan, and the people around him, regardless of whether he was wronged or not, would be even taken.

But this time, the president has the heart to protect the rose!

Guan Xiao felt puzzled.

After Guan Xiao went out, Zhan Hanxuan immediately followed out.

“Guan Xiao, do you really want to execute my brother’s order?” Zhan Hanxuan caught up with Guan Xiao.

Guan Xiao stopped to look at Zhan Hanxuan, “If you turn your arm out, you are not afraid that the president will castrate you with you?”

Zhan Hanxuan clutched his crotch, “f*ck, my brother doesn’t even hold the flower of Gaoling, how could he hold me.

Guan Xiao, I can remind you that if you manage Bai Suyuan, Zhanbai’s two families will break, and both sides will lose. Is this the result you want? “

Guan Xiao answered simply and directly, “I will do whatever the president asks me to do.”

Zhan Hanxuan was so angry that he didn’t hesitate to say, “If you want to leave the ancient times, my brother is the faint king, and you are the minister. You two will perish the country if you are so foolish—”

Guan Xiao smiled and left.

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