Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 310

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Chapter 310

“It is good!”

The playfulness and ridicule in Zhang Boyu’s eyes became more intense:

“Since Shaun, you know piano music, I have invited a pianist! Let her play a piece for Elvira!”

“Just let you taste it!”

That’s it!

Zhang Boyu clap his hands!

Suddenly, Elvira’s family saw that from the back of the dining room, a graceful and beautiful woman in a black dress came slowly.

Seeing this woman, Elvira’s spirit got lifted, covering her mouth instantly, and her face was full of incredulous screams:

“She is Mo Yiran? The granddaughter of Mo Lao, China’s first piano master!”

“She is also a fan of Fanshen, and I know what she is best at is Fanshen’s piano music!”

Thinking of this!

Elvira’s small face flushed with excitement, and said excitedly:

“Will she play Fanshen’s tunes?”

Fan God!

After Kelly’s “Straw in Despair”, “Traveling by One”, and “Love for the Fan” were included in the world’s top piano scores, Fanshen, the creator of these piano pieces, has long been known throughout the world in the Piano circle.

Almost all pianoists regard the “Fan God” as an idol.

Elvira is a big fan of Fan Shen’s piano music.

At this moment, she saw Mo Yiran, who is best in Huaxia, playing Fanshen piano music, how could she not get excited.

Looking at Elvira’s excitement, Zhang Boyu on the side suddenly smiled.

What he wants is a smile and excitement on Elvira’s face.

From the very beginning, he knew that Elvira likes Fanshen’s piano music the most.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money and invited Mo Yiran, who is best at the songs of the Fan god in China.

Use piano music to express your love for Elvira.

Suddenly, not only Elvira but even the guests around the restaurant were all shocked when they saw Mo Yiran.

“Oh my God, this is Mo Yiran? She actually is here!”

“The granddaughter of Mo Lao, the first pianist in China, is also known as the pianist who is best at playing the songs of gods!”

“Idol, I also like the songs of the gods, my god, it’s so good!”

The many customers around were in a complete sensation, they are surprised to see her.

Especially, after they discovered that Zhang Boyu had invited Mo Yiran, everyone applauded Zhang Boyu to show their gratitude.

Zhang Boyu at this moment is simply the focus of everyone’s eyes.

High spirits!

Handsome and rich.

He extremely enjoyed the respected gaze of everyone, and at the moment he nodded to Elvira and all the customers, then raised his palm and patted lightly.

With applause, Mo Yiran, who walked to the piano, suddenly understood, and then said into the microphone:

“Today, I am honored to accept the invitation of Mr. Zhang Boyu to come and play for everyone!”

“I will play the song “The Love of Gifting Fan”, dedicated to the most beautiful Miss Elvira!”

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