Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 309

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Chapter 309

A variety of dishes were placed on the table.

Coupled with red wine delivered by air from a French winery, this dinner looks high-end and rich.

When the dishes got ready.

Zhang Caier on the side rolled her eyes and said with a smile:

“Sister Elvira, to be honest, you and my brother really belong to each other!”

“My brother has a worth of more than 100 million yuan now, and you are knowledgeable and a strong woman in your career. If you two were together, it would be a natural fit.”


These words from Zhang Caier instantly changed the expressions of Elvira’s family.

They didn’t expect that in presence of Elvira’s husband Shaun, Zhang Caier would say such things.

Zhang Caier directly regarded Shaun as nothing, and said with a smile:

“Sister Elvira, my brother was always fond of you and you cruelly rejected him!”

“But you don’t know? He still thinks about you. In his room, there are your photos hung, and every time he goes out, his wallet is also filled with your photos!”

“In my opinion, Shaun is not suitable for you at all. It is better to leave him and marry my brother!”


Zhang Caier said all this instantly making Elvira’s pretty face more and more gloomy.

At this moment, Elvira felt a trace of anger in his heart.

Shaun is her husband no matter what.

And Zhang Caier is now humiliating Shaun, which is equal to humiliating Elvira.

At this moment, it seemed that Elvira’s pretty face got ugly, and her expression got a bit disastrous. Zhang Boyu interrupted:

“Caier, why are you talking nonsense! Shaun is here, shut up!”

Hearing this!

Zhang Caier glared at Shaun with disdain and stopped talking.

That kind of unconvinced look, as if Shaun had robbed her brother’s woman.

Until then!

Zhang Boyu said to Elvira:

“Elvira, Caier is speaking nonsense, I hope you and Shaun don’t mind!”

That’s it.

Zhang Boyu turned his head again and said with a smile to Shaun:

“Shaun, I wonder if you have studied the piano?”

The Elvira family got hesitated. They didn’t understand how Zhang Boyu mentioned the piano.

And Shaun was also startled. When he saw Zhang Boyu’s unkind look, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“I know a little bit!”


Hearing Shaun’s words, everyone around got stunned.

Know a little bit?

When did Shaun learn piano music? This kid always stays at home. It’s almost the same for him to dance square dance. How can he understand piano music?

Especially, in the past three years, the Elvira family has never seen Shaun listening to any music. Obviously, he has no interest in music.

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