Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 341

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Chapter 341

When Jacob came out of the icu ward, it was already five days later.

Bai Suyuan used these five days to poach out several top stars of Zhan’s Film Company whose contracts had expired.

This made Zhan Hanxuan annoyed.

“Bai Suyuan, who looks gentle on the surface, is secretly a squid attribute. He even sneaked out of our company’s most profitable little flowers without our attention. It’s too much.”

“No…How does he know the expiration time of the contracts of these little flowers?”

Zhan Hanxuan suddenly realized, “Our Company’s top-secret documents have been leaked.”

Zhan Hanxuan immediately asked people to investigate the intranet, and as expected, five or six days ago, the film industry network was attacked by a “flower of Gaoling”.

Zhan Han Xuan felt a chill in his back. Although he had not been in charge of the film company for long, he knew that Zhan’s firewall was more solid than the Great Wall. Now being deciphered and attacked by others, there are endless troubles.

Zhan Hanxuan dared not delay for a moment, and immediately rushed to Huanya.

After Jacob recovered from his illness, Guan Xiao dared not report too much about the company. Just want him to rest.

Who knows that Zhan Hanxuan came uninvited, and heard his howling ghostly voice from far away?

“Big brother, it’s not good.”

Guan Xiao looked at the meditative president with his eyes closed and sighed silently.

The president started his business when he was young, and Guan Xiao followed him. For nearly 20 years, the president has not taken a good rest.

Even if you are sick, you can’t be healthy.

Guan Xiao strode out and stopped Zhan Hanxuan at the door. “Shao Xuan, the president is taking a break.”

Zhan Hanxuan was anxious like burning eyebrows, “I know that my brother is just healed, so I shouldn’t disturb him. But this matter is too important. I must let my brother know, otherwise Zhan’s enterprise will be very big. disaster.”

“Guan Xiao, let him in.” Jacob opened his eyes and straightened up.

Guan Xiao stared at Zhan Hanxuan depressed.

Zhan Hanxuan howled, “Oh, why stare at me? I know you can’t bear my brother being tired. Do you think I’m willing? He is our Zhan’s town house gate god, and I hope he will be safer than anyone else. , Healthy and healthy.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Jacob’s voice was still a little hoarse.

Zhan Hanxuan walked in front of Jacob, and saw that Jacob’s face was thin, and said distressedly, “Brother, why are you so haggard? Don’t lose weight anymore. If you lose weight, you are the first emperor. If you tear up the reputation of a man, you have to make me cheap. Then those women who like you will pounce on me, how can I survive…”

“Talk about business.” Jacob suppressed the anger in his heart.

Zhan Hanxuan said, “Yes, I’m so irritable when I’m sick.”

Jacob handed him a death gaze…

Zhan Hanxuan hurriedly reported, “Report to the president that Zhan’s film industry network was attacked by “Gaolingzhihua”, and Bai Suyuan took the opportunity to poach out several popular florets whose contracts with the company expired.”

Jacob fell into a terrible silence.

Who can break the Zhan’s key besides Grace?

She did this for Bai Suyuan?

The position of him and Bai Suyuan in her heart was obvious.

Zhan Hanxuan waited for a long time and didn’t wait for his instructions, and was very uneasy, “Brother, you have to say something. If you feel upset, you can call me and beat me. As long as you don’t slap in the face.”

Guan Xiao looked at the president whose handsome face was shrouded in ice. Anything the president was silent and speechless was definitely an expression of his extreme anger.

Suddenly, Jacob threw his teacup to the ground in anger.

The crisp sound of glass shattering made Zhan Hanxuan tremble.

Guan Xiao walked over and said, “The president calms down, and I will immediately check the identity of Gaolingzhihua.”

“No need.” Jacob sat back heavily on the chair.

Guan Xiao was flabbergasted.

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