Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 308

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Chapter 308

No one believes in telling the truth these days. He knows that the more he explains, the more these people will consider it as a joke.

“Okay, Elvira, let’s go! I have already booked a place in a restaurant!”

Zhang Boyu said to Elvira and others at this moment.

hearing this!

Elvira’s family followed Zhang Boyu and his sister and walked out of the door.

Phil Western Restaurant!

This is one of the most famous western restaurants in Jiang City.

Especially, the owner of this restaurant is a good friend of Zhang Boyu.

When they just got out of the car, they saw a young man at the door of the western restaurant, with a group of well-dressed service staff, already lined up, waiting at the door.

As soon as they walked in, the young man and all the waiters performed a gentleman’s etiquette:

“Welcome Miss Elvira’s family to Feier Western Restaurant! I am the owner of this restaurant-Zheng Xiong! I am also Zhang Boyu’s good friend!”

The young man said to the Elvira family with a gentle smile on his face.

Hearing this and looking at this big battle, Elvira and her family got surprised!

They obviously did not think that Zhang Boyu should have such a big connection.

The owner of this top western restaurant in Jiangshi personally greeted him at the door.

“Hahaha…Uncle, aunt, Elvira, don’t be surprised, Zheng Xiong is my buddy, just treat this as your home!”

Zhang Boyu said to Elvira and her family with a face full of glory.

Hearing this!

Zheng Xiong, the owner of the restaurant, quickly agreed;

“Boyu is right, uncle aunt and Miss Elvira, Boyu often mention you!”

“Now Boyu has a promising future. He is the president of the Red Maple Group in Jiangnan City, with an annual salary of ten million! So you don’t have to worry about the bill. This guy is a local tyrant!”


President of Red Maple Group!

His annual salary is ten million.

The words of the restaurant owner shocked Elvira and her family. They could see that Zhang Boyu was a successful person, but they did not expect that he would earn this much.

As if feeling the surprised eyes of the Elvira family, Zhang Boyu almost burst into laughter.

What he wants is this feeling.

And Zheng Xiong’s words clearly showed his superior status and extremely rich income, pretending to be a comparison.


The group walked into the restaurant under the warm invitation of Zheng Xiong and Zhang Boyu.

Finally sat down in the best position.

Zhang Boyu is very generous and ordered almost all the most famous dishes in this restaurant.

French 5A grade foie gras, seafood platter with caviar, smoked salmon…

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