Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 340

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Chapter 340

Still is…

She is amorous again, how could he worry about her? It’s just that he is worried that his child will not have a mom.

She opened the message box and saw a message from Janice-Sister-in-law, my brother has entered Media Asia ICU, you must take good care of him for me.

“How could this happen?” Grace looked at the time of receiving the information, it turned out to be three days ago.

Grace’s heart began to feel uneasy.

Fear filled her heart.

How helpless and desperate it is to think of someone like Jacob who is arrogant and lying on icu’s hospital bed?

She felt sorry for her inexplicably.

Tears couldn’t stop rustling down.

Suddenly she knelt on the ground, folded her hands and prayed, “God, please let him go. I am willing to use my life for his life. Use my health for his health. Use all my luck to go. For his luck. Use my peace and health-for his life’s well-being.”

But no matter what she did, she couldn’t find peace in her heart, Grace stumbled and ran outside.

When she first arrived at Media Asia, she saw Jacob’s Rolls-Royce stopped at the door. Janice smiled and waved to the Rolls-Royce people, “Brother, go home and have a good rest.”

Grace was relieved.

He was finally out of danger.

She turned and walked back slowly.

Rolls-Royce suddenly passed her and whizzed away.

Grace was dazed…

Is this person too rude to her?

Is the patient so arrogant just after healed?

After Janice bid farewell to the people in Rolls-Royce, she turned around and entered the Medical Department of Media Asia.

Go straight to the supreme VIP ward. Seeing the handsome man on the hospital bed, dripping, frowning, losing a lot of weight, I felt distressed.

“Brother.” Janice was sitting next to the hospital bed, gently holding up his hand, and seeing the back of the hand with dense and swollen needles, Janice’s tears flowed.

“You really are, you know you can’t drink, why drink?”

Jacob opened his eyes as bright as stars leisurely, “Don’t worry, you can’t die.” Illness said.

“Brother, what is the matter with you and sister-in-law? You have such a big incident. Why didn’t she come to visit you?” Janice asked sadly.

“Did you tell her about me?”

Janice nodded. “I was frightened when I heard the news of your illness. Without thorough thinking, I hurriedly told her about your illness.”

Janice felt very ashamed when she thought that her recklessness might cause trouble to the Zhan clan.

“Brother, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have disclosed your illness.”

The starlight in Jacob pupils inexplicably darkened.

Turns out she knew he was sick.

For three whole days, he missed her all the time.

When he was dying, the only thing he couldn’t worry about was her.

Because he cared about her, and was afraid that she would have no relatives and no one to take care of in this world, he would have strong perseverance to defeat death and return.

And she hated him so far.

Does she need him?

Janice said a little disappointed, “I entrusted her to take care of you. It seems that she was entrusted with inhumane.”

“It’s okay. She may not leak secrets.”

He may not believe in Grace, but he believes in Irene.

Even if she didn’t choose to love him anymore because he treated her very badly before. But he always believed that she still kept the beauty of her youth in her heart and would not obliterate all his love for her.

She would never do anything that harmed him fundamentally.

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