Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 359

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Chapter 359

Derek brought hot tea for Mommy, “Mommy, you drink water.”

Faith graciously beat Mommy on the back.

Jason stood aside, at a loss.

Grace was moved to tears by the children’s love.

“Mommy, stay.” Jason suddenly bit his lip and spoke.

Grace stared at Jason, tears welled up in her eyes, stretched out her hand, Jason walked over, Grace took him into her arms.

When Jacob entered the house, he saw a picture of the four people mingling with each other.

After stopping and watching for a while, he raised his foot and walked upstairs.

Sitting on the office chair in the study, Jacob leaned his head on the back of the chair and looked at the white ceiling.

What should he do to make her stay willingly?

The knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Jacob glanced over, and saw Janice standing at the door holding a teacup and asking, “Brother, can I come in?”

Jacob nodded.

Janice walked over and handed the tea cup to Jacob, “Drink water.”

Jacob straightened up and took the teacup, but stared at Immortal Janice who didn’t intend to leave, “Something?”

Janice chuckled.

“Just talk about it.” Jacob said in a bad mood.

Janice said, “Brother, I don’t know if you love her or not. But I can tell. You want her to stay.”

Jacob looked at Janice, his eyes dark and unpredictable.

Janice is an emotional psychologist with insight into everything, “Are you going to keep blocking her like this?”

Jacob took a sip of tea, the rich fragrance of rose tea made him frown.

He is not used to drinking flower tea.

He raised his teacup and raised his eyebrows to look at Janice dissatisfiedly.

Janice explained with a calm expression, “Oh, rose tea, Sister-in-law loves to drink it.”

Jacob put the teacup on the table.

Janice said, “Look at you, you are obviously very thirsty, but you don’t want to wrong yourself to drink the same tea as her. Brother, if you continue like this, you will only drift away from her…”

Jacob raised his eyes suddenly as if poking into his sore spot.

Janice thought he was going to be angry.

After all, in his eyes, Janice has always been regarded as a little girl who knows nothing about the world. How can a person so proud of him tolerate a little girl who is so knowledgeable to educate him?

“Go on.”

Janice was slightly startled, somewhat surprised.

As if getting a reward, Janice talked freely.

“Brother, there are a lot of women. For vain women, the rich is the husband. As long as the rice is cooked, she will be raised by you willingly.”

Jacob’s face slightly condensed…isn’t it?

The bastard Palmer said that if you want to conquer the heart, you must first conquer her body?

Obviously, Grace is not such a person.

Janice looked at the obediently educated Jacob, and smiled.

“Sister-in-law, she’s the same as other women. She doesn’t love money, she is high-spirited and proud. For such a woman, you have to show patience and determination, respect her, give her enough space and freedom, and maintain a gentlemanly demeanor. , Just stand where she can see and radiate her charm…”

When Janice said this, she suddenly leaned forward and leaned close to Jacob nervously, “Big brother, believe me, you are a walking hormone, just do nothing, sister-in-law will come to you by herself!”

Jacob’s face turned black, “Walking hormone?”

Janice covered her mouth and laughed dryly, “I made a mistake, walking ice sculpture.”

Jacob fell into meditation.

Did he push Grace too tightly before, that’s why it was counterproductive?

Janice seemed to have thought of something, and solemnly exhorted: “You used to dislike her or humiliate her. Sister-in-law is not heartless, she will remember it. If you must do something, remember Cassandra Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Like using money to humiliate her, forcing her to do things you don’t like is taboo. Remember.”

Jacob only felt that he was enveloped by the ice cave.

Previously, he tried to use money to take away the custody of the child.

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