Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 384

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Chapter 384

Jacob was also very wronged, and the little woman who had been thinking about it for so long was finally deceived by him back to the tourmaline manor.

He was a little too excited.

Jacob dressed her with the utmost gentleness, and the anger in Grace’s heart was only slightly calmed down.

But after the clothes were put on, a beep sound came from her body.

Grace found a vocal badge on the cuff, looked at Jacob in surprise, “What is this?”

“Timer! Record the time you spend with me.”

This timer is not an ordinary clock, its special feature is that it has a sensing device. The corresponding sensing device is on Jacob’s diamond watch.

The closer the timer is to Jacob, the hour hand will move extremely fast. The further away, the slower the hour hand will go.

After Grace studied these principles, she stared at Jacob suddenly.

“Then how far does the timer work?”

“50!” Jacob said.

Grace looked upset, “50 meters? Is this too short?”

Jacob corrected, “50 centimeters.”

Grace completely runaway!

“Can you tie me to you?”

Jacob looked at her seriously, “Good idea.”

If he could, he was eager to put her in his pocket all day long.

Grace sat on the side angrily, sulking.

Jacob’s eyebrows were dizzy, and he stretched out his hand and rubbed her soft long hair.

He likes her to stay within his reach!

But Grace’s eyes were in tears. In the next three days, how many layers of skin would she not be bullied by this abnormality?

Suddenly thinking of the savior, Grace had an idea.

“Master Zhan, where is Derek?”

Jacob said leisurely, “I entrust them to grandparents.”

Grace squeezed out a few tears, and Chu Chu said pitifully: “I miss them.”

Jacob looked at her, penetrated her careful thoughts, and said viciously, “Don’t think about it!”

Grace: “…”

Too overbearing.

Grace learned his tone, “I just can’t control myself, I just miss them. Missing is like an arrow from the string. I can’t control it. What should I do?”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched and raised her chin, smiling evilly, “Why, do you want your son to save you?”

Grace shook her head, “Warlord, you misunderstood me. Being able to serve you is the blessing of my ancestors’ eighteenth generations who are kind and good at cultivating, why would I want to escape?”

Jacob leaned over and stamped a hickey on her forehead for reward.

“It’s best that you can think that way.”

Grace said, “Then what do they do if they miss me?”

“You can make a video call.”

Grace wiped her tears and broke into a smile, “Is it all right now?”

She wants to ask her son for help!

Jacob nodded, took out his phone, and quickly connected to Derek.

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