Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

“Derek…Save Mommy!”

Derek suddenly clenched his fists, “Mummy, who is bullying you? Your son will help you beat him.”

Grace’s eyes glanced vigorously towards Jacob.

Derek turned from anger to joy, “Daddy bullied you?”

“Then when will you give us brothers and sisters?”

Grace: “…” What white-eyed wolf does this raise?

Turning off the video, Jacob Binghan looked at Grace: “The code words are naive!”

Grace was embarrassed with embarrassment. She had just asked her son for help in a whisper, but she didn’t expect to be discovered by Jacob.

“Don’t like me bullying you?”

Grace whispered, “I am not a masochist.”

“But you obviously enjoyed it just now…”

Grace’s face was flushed with blood.

Jacob was in a good mood, turned and walked outside the house.

Grace was lying on the bed irresistibly. In the next three days, how many layers of skin would she not be squeezed by this guy?

No, she must try to get rid of this demon!


When Jacob went upstairs with lunch, he saw Grace sitting at the long wooden table, and her timer had been successfully broken down into a pile of parts.

When Grace saw him, her eyes were filled with Xiao Lise, but she pretended to be guilty and said: “Master, the timer has failed. I originally wanted to fix it, but as a result, the more parts I repaired.”

The timer has been taken apart, let’s see how it counts? Humph!

“It’s ok.”

Jacob put lunch on the table, and then sat across from her. Started to piece together the timer skillfully.

Soon, the timer was completed, but the timer display was still black.

Grace said, “Zhan Ye, did you spell it wrong?”

Jacob stretched out his hand, “Bring it.”

Grace pretended to be silly, “What for?”

“Heart-shaped parts!”

Grace was unwilling to put the parts tugged in his palms on her palms, and muttered, “They are also children who grew up on goat milk powder. Your IQ is unreasonably high!”

She hid a part secretly, but she didn’t expect it to be discovered by him?

Jacob put the pieced together timer on her wrist again.

Grace asked humbly: “Master Zhan, what is the working principle of this timer?”

Jacob looked at her, “Want to know?” Her careful thoughts were written on her face, she wanted to speed up the operation of the timer.

Grace raised her eyes, and the puppy looked at him obstinately. “Ok.”

Suddenly Jacob leaned over and kissed her unexpectedly…

Grace pushed him hard with both hands, her heart exploded. This guy is not in estrus, right? Why do you treat her like this at every turn?

But inadvertently swept until the timer turned fast.

Grace dumbfounded…

The sound of heartbeat dong dong dong overlaps with the ticking sound of the timer!

The experiment was over, Jacob let go of her. “Now it’s time to know why this timer is getting faster.”

Grace blushed, angrily, “What kind of timer is this, it is clearly an artifact for picking up girls.”

Jacob smiled in his eyes: “If you want it to go faster, you have to make my heart beat faster.”

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