Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 550

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Chapter 550

Thinking that this person was the murderer of Grace, Jacob aroused great anger: “Who are you?” He stepped closer to him.

“Do you want to know?” the man asked.

Jacob looked at his pale face like a zombie, his sick skin without sunshine all year round. He sneered and said, “Like an ant, living in a dark place, I’m afraid you don’t have the courage to face a big living person like us.”

The man was angered by Jacob, and he reached out to try to grab the neck of Jacob. However, Jacob grabbed his hand, lifted him up and threw him on the ground, the action was done in one go, like clouds and flowing water.

“Jacob, you should be the one who can’t see the light. And I am suffering for you.” The man was lying on the ground, his pale face as transparent as cicada wings under the sunlight.

“Do you know how much I hate you?” His beautiful peach eyes were deep and hollow, but they exuded a charming look.

Jacob looked at him. The man looked young and his skin rarely wrinkled, but the deep lines on his neck betrayed his age.

A man big enough to be the daddy of Jacob, looks exactly the same as Jacob.

Jacob tremblingly asked, “What is the relationship between you and me?”

The man was completely irritated by his question, and his peachy eyes instantly became jealous.

“Do you want to know? Then ask you…” He gritted his teeth and seemed to have shown great tolerance before spitting out two words: “Grandpa.”

There was huge confusion in Jacob’s eyes.

He knew that the people behind the scenes who could play him around were by no means ordinary people. But he never dreamed that this man was the old lady who brought him up.

There are still many questions in Jacob’s heart. He knelt down and tortured the man, “My mother, did you hide her?”

The man’s lips smiled evilly, “Hehe, so you already know it. But it’s too late for you to know.”

“Where is she?” Jacob’s voice suddenly dropped a few times, and the air around him instantly froze because of his coldness.

“She is mine…” the man suddenly roared, as if a child was protecting his beloved toy.

Jacob frowned, feeling that his IQ was not enough for the first time in his life.

Is his mother married to this man?

Who is his father?

Obviously this man looked so similar to him, he thought he was his father. But obviously, the man’s reaction denied his speculation.

“I know what you are thinking? Are you curious, why do we look so alike?”

Jacob’s pupils spread. Waiting for the answer holding your breath.

“Hahaha, hahaha!”

The man laughed wildly. Even though he was a little old, his brows and eyes were full of amorous feelings.

Although he looks similar to Jacob, his bones are wicked, unruly, and wicked.

With smiles, Fanghua is peerless.

A man is more enchanting than a woman. No matter how vicious he said, for some reason, it makes people hate it, and only makes people feel distressed.

“Tell me!” Jacob’s voice endured huge anger.

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