Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 552

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Chapter 552

“No one is allowed to go.” Jin Cao commanded domineeringly.

“Young Master can’t beat him, this person can beat him, beat him.” Then a dozen people swarmed toward Jincao.

“Grass.” Jin Cao cursed secretly, pressing his back against the stone wall. The fists of those people fell on him like rain.

Jacob walked slowly inside, passing a wooden road, and a row of houses in front of him. Jacob’s heart jumped fast inexplicably.

He pushed open the only closed door. There was a thin woman sitting on the bed. Before Jacob could see her clearly, she suddenly got under the bedding quickly and hid herself.

Jacob swallowed and walked over with heavy steps. Standing by the bed.

He saw a strand of long chestnut hair sticking out of the bedding. Jacob’s heart was beyond words.

After clearing his throat, a low and charming voice rang, “I won’t hurt you, come out.”

The woman poked a head out of the bedding, and when Jacob saw her face, he took a big step back in fright.

Although the charm still exists, he can vaguely see her beautiful face when she was young. But that face, with atrophy of muscles and thin face, was as terrible as a ghost.

The woman’s tears rolled off, and she got into the bedding again.

Her body twitched in the bedding, and Jacob heard her sobbing like a baby. Realizing that his reaction just now hurt her, Jacob annoyed, “I’m sorry, I’m not afraid of you, I just love you heartily.”

The woman’s sobbing stopped, and her low voice came from the bedding, “Child, you can go.”

The voice of her child was a little vague. But when Jacob heard it, his eyes were wet with tears.

“You are a mother, right?”

The woman might be too excited when she heard the word mother, and suddenly she tore off the bedding. A very morbidly thin body with muscle atrophy all over was revealed.

“Child?” She cried even more sadly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She said a dozen sorry.

Jacob grabbed her hand and said softly, “Why do you want to say sorry?”

“I was so frightened. I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to see him…” Her language skills were so lacking that she had to guess every word for a long time.

After Jacob even guessed what she meant, he said: “I don’t blame you. Jas will not blame you if he knows the truth. We are very grateful to you and have secretly loved us for so many years. .”

Jacob sat on the bed, “I will carry you out.”

The woman shook her head, “No, no, I won’t go out.”

Jacob bitterly consoled, “You need treatment!”

The woman suddenly smiled in relief, she stroked Jacob’s face tremblingly, “I am dead and have no regrets.”

Jacob went mad instantly, “What nonsense are you talking about. You must live well, and I will support you well.”

Realizing that he was too fierce, he softened his tone, “Are you willing to part with me as soon as you meet? Don’t you want to see Jas’s healthy growth?”

The woman cried and nodded. Climbed on the back of Jacob.

When Jacob memorized her, the man returned. He stood in front of Jacob angrily, “She is mine, I don’t allow anyone to take her away.”

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