Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 568

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Chapter 568

“Okay, I see. Jue’er, you let us go, just don’t want to see your daddy, right?”

“You hate him in your heart, but you can’t avenge Grace, so you have to send us away. If you do this, your heart will feel better. Mom will do you well, and we will leave immediately.”

Cassandra took Zhantingcheng’s hand and was about to walk outside.

Jacob was silent.

Zhantingcheng looked at Jacob dozingly, his lips lifted, but he couldn’t utter the word “son” for a long time.

“Jacob, you have to protect yourself. Hello, your mother and I are good.” Zhantingcheng’s throat seemed to be blocked, and after hard work forced him to say this sentence, he was like a deserter escape.

Just when Zhantingcheng and Cassandra walked to the door, the long silent Jacob suddenly spoke. “Call my assistant official Xiao in case of trouble, don’t carry it by yourself.”

Zhantingcheng was slightly startled, and his cold face slowly burst into a bright smile.

“Good.” He replied briskly.

The car Jacob arranged for them stopped on the bluestone square outside Xiangdingyuan.

After Zhantingcheng and Cassandra got on the car, the car slowly drove outside with a long roar.

Cassandra and Zhantingcheng reluctantly stared at Xiangdingyuan, their sad eyes trying to fall through all obstacles to the person in front of the carved window.

But the speed was getting faster and faster, and Xiangdingyuan was left far behind in the end.

Cassandra suddenly fell into Zhantingcheng’s arms and wept bitterly, “Tingcheng, we must separate our family?”

Zhantingcheng held Cassandra with a sad expression on his face.

He didn’t know why Jacob had to chase him away.

Hate him may be one reason, but vaguely, he always feel that there are other reasons for Jacob to do this.

The car quickly drove out of the tourmaline manor.

Only then did Zhantingcheng remember to ask his driver, “Where does Jacob want you to send us?”

The driver turned his head and smiled brightly, “Master, madam, the president just asked me to take you to the airport. The next way, the master can choose by himself.”

“He is interested.” Zhanting Chengdao.

Leaving Tourmaline Manor has always been the dream of Battlefield City. But he didn’t expect that one day he could really leave, and the person who made him perfect was his son.

Zhantingcheng was naturally relieved in every possible way.

It’s just happiness that creates sorrow

The car bumped up suddenly on the asphalt road.

“What’s the matter?” Zhantingcheng asked vigilantly, looking at the flat road.

“Strange, how could this car suddenly go out of control…” The driver’s cheeks burst into cold sweat.

A black car suddenly brushed past them, and Zhantingcheng saw a sneer on the man’s face, and he was holding a remote controller in his hand!

Zhantingcheng’s face instantly turned pale.

He suddenly remembered Irene nine years ago. Unexpectedly, the methods of committing crimes back then are now perfectly copied. The difference is that this time he is the victim.

This is retribution!

He subconsciously hugged Cassandra tightly…covered Cassandra’s eyes with his hands…

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